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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Last week was stressful for me. Work stuff finally picked up, but so did both of my freelance projects! I like staying busy, but that was a bit much after a long period of things trickling in. When I have too much going on, I feel like I'm not doing a good job on any one thing. I can focus really well, but I'm not used to racing the clock anymore and it's distracting. How did I do that every day for over 10 years in newspapers?! Anyway, my mom added a huge mess to my plate to clean up, and I'm still trying to figure out how to deal with that.

OK, done complaining! I got in my 3 Kaia FIT workouts last week. Friday is yoga/pilates day, and it's been awhile since I've done yoga. I feel very out of practice, but it's good to get that type of activity in once a week. It is not relaxing though! I swear I think I sweat more in that class than the non-stop circuit training the other two days. Brutal!

I was so close to reaching 1,000 fitness minutes last month. So. Close. Ugh. I had 970. I had some lovely hiking plans fall through and I squandered the time on other things.

I haven't set any goals in a while, so here's what I want to accomplish in April:

emoticon 1,000 fitness minutes. I think I can do this. My Kaia classes will get me over 700, and I've been pretty active on weekends lately. I just need to DO IT!

emoticon Jump rope. I have two goals here: Jump rope for 1 minute without stopping and jumping for 5 minutes as a warmup on non-Kaia days.

emoticon Eat more and eat clean: My nutritionist tells me to stick to 1300 cals/day; SP tells me 1420-1770; and a calculation of my BMR, TDEE, and a 20 percent reduction tells me 2300+. Um....kthanx. I'm working out more consistently and burning a bunch of calories with the circuit training, and I'm freaking hungry all the time! Like, I will fight someone in the parking lot hungry. So, clearly, I need to eat more. The scale isn't moving much, but my work pants are falling down. I need to find the right calorie range/goal for me, and that's going to take a bit of experimenting, I think. Also, I eat pretty clean, but I've been trying to cook more at home and eat less from packages for convenience. Funny how the calories are lower that way....! But then I think, how do I eat more and eat clean?! April will be full of experiments for me.

emoticon Give myself a flippin' break. This is a big thing for me on a few levels. I don't think I'm superwoman and that I can do it all. I know that I have to prioritize things to get the important stuff done. My house will never be spotless and that has to be OK. I won't know every answer someone asks me at work (I'm not an engineer, people! Grr.). And I can't do the advanced moves in my workouts (yet), but I can keep moving and jump back in after a few seconds of recovery. After my class Monday, I was starting to beat myself up over not being able to do a minute-long drill where you do volleyball squat jumps and high-five your partner. It's hard, but I felt like I should have been able to do it for a minute. I was exhausted and couldn't maintain the jumps, so I kept squatting and high-fiving and did the last 10 seconds for real. I said something to my partner about it and she said, "That was not easy! You're being too hard on yourself." As I was walking out the door, another girl stopped me and said, "You did so awesome. You never quit!" I struggle with thinking that I'm not working hard enough because I have to rest for a few seconds during these intense 1-minute drills or that I can't/don't do the jumping part of an exercise. But in the moment, I am giving it my all. I leave sweat all over that floor! I push myself to do things that I don't like and that are not comfortable and that make me feel inadequate. And I just keep going. I need to realize and accept that THAT is worth something.

Those few things will be my focus this month. I think I can achieve or at least make some headway on all of these.

On another note, here are two exercises that we do that absolutely kill me.

Crab crawl: We're supposed to go from one end of the room to the other, but my body doesn't work that way! I can lift myself off the floor but then I can't move my arms. I end up lifting and then scooting myself across the floor. Awkward.

Reverse cobbler crunches: Well, this is what the instructor called them. I call them, WHYYYY?! We do this up-and-down move without the ball, so your feet are touching.

Tonight, I'm going to jump rope for a warmup and then do something fun like Just Dance.

Have a good week!
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  • JORDAN1019
    Awsome! Hooray for the work pants falling, proof that you're killing it.. emoticon
    1813 days ago
    I know you can do it, Heather!! I love how encouraging the other people in your bootcamp class are! Everyone can obviously see how hard you are working!
    1813 days ago
    Sounds like you have some great goals for the month Heather, and totally doable! I'll be cheering you on! I hope that things slow down to a comfortable pace for you at work, too!
    1813 days ago
  • JELLEN726
    emoticon Great Goals! I hear ya on the work. Mine FINALLY slowed down and it's like the sky is opened up and it's a new day with a chance for me to think clearly. You will push through it. The best part of getting through things is when its over and you realize you survived it. emoticon
    1813 days ago
    Love the goals! LOVE them! 1300kcals sounds a little low to me, so I hope you get to finding out a more reasonable number for you. You'll find out what's best for you body. And you are rockin' it, too!
    1813 days ago
    Wow! You are doing great. Yeah, maybe you are being too hard on yourself. Finding the right calorie balance is tricky but not as much as you think. Pay attention to how you feel (like you're already doing!) and it sounds like you need to eat more....clean, more protein, healthy fats....less processed. You've already got the answers. Just try to see what works best for you. You can't be 100% perfect all the time. No one can. So see how you feel eating a little more. Keep tweaking. You'll find the right balance that works for YOU! We are all an experiment of one. So find the right balance and you will be fine! Keep up the GREAT work!! emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1813 days ago
    Whoa! :)
    And YEAH! :)

    All sounds like good stuff.
    1813 days ago
    Awesome goals. I know you can do each and every one!

    I have horrible memories of crab walks from childhood. We used to play "crab soccer" in elementary school gym class (which I thought was hell, but nothing compared to what was in store for me in junior high). Anyway, I couldn't crab walk either and everyone teased me.

    Thanks for tearing THAT wound open again!!!!! Just kidding, just kidding emoticon
    1813 days ago
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