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April Challenges Day 2

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I am emoticon

Got up very early today since it was hubby's first day at the new job. I know 600 am does exist but after getting to bed after midnight last night, it came to early LOL

So I started my work plan for the day. Get laundry going, dish washer doing, dog walked and then get some breakfast.

Got a bit of knitting in before I headed up to the bedroom to clean out my closest. Got the shelves in it packed away and reorganized my yarn containers. before I started my stress project

Called the company who makes the cooling tray fan that your laptop sits on.

First call, the operator disconnects me

Second call, the operator disconnects me

third call, the operator disconnects me

Fourth call, different operator but bad information. Instead of giving me the number to contact their customer service for the product, he gives me the number for the company that makes my laptop. AHHHHH

Fifth call, get a different number but this time it is to request a pin and I did not need a pin

Sixth call. Now, I look online for another number and figure perhaps that tech support for their routers would be more knowledge about these issues

WRONG. He gives me a different number for the company that makes my lap top

Seventh Call. Now given a different number and told to press options 2 and 3 to get where I wanted to be. Once again WRONG. Was told to use option 6 not 3

Eighth Call. Finally speak to a person and explain what is going on. He wants me to call the company that made my laptop even though I keep giving them the model number of their product. Finally after almost reaching through the phone to strange this guy, he now tells me I have to do this on my laptop. Keep reminding him that I no longer have a laptop thanks to his company's products failing. So they are going to exchange it and I now need to take my laptop to the store to get a tech report. If the report shows that it was blown due to their faulty product they will replace my laptop. If now, oh well.

No offense to anyone on this list, but each one of those calls was outsourced to a place where no one speaks English. Interesting especially since this company is based in France but never spoke to anyone with a french accent

So now 4 loads of laundry are finished, closest cleaned and now I am just tired of dealing with things I should not have to deal with

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