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Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Hi Sparkfriends!

It's been a couple weeks since I last posted. I'll catch you up!

1. Weight - Since beginning the cleanse, I've lost 6 pounds! I only have ONE MORE pound to lose until I hit the big 30 pounds lost goal! Wow. I just reread that sentence; it's so weird to read. Back in June 2012 (when I began), I never thought I'd ever get this close to my goal. Shoot, I never thought I'd keep 10 pounds off. It's a wonderful feeling! I still have about 7 pounds that I would like to lose though, but I am working on it. However, I am learning to love my body just how it is, and it's a great feeling!

**I just have to share - my boyfriend, BJ, lost 20 pounds while doing the cleanse! Ahh, I'm just so happy for him! Plus, he's even said that he's ready to begin eating better. Ahh, happy girl right here!**

2. The cleanse - I've been doing an alkaline cleanse as well as an elimination diet to see if I have a food intolerance. After 10 days of no meat, I ate chicken last week, and I immediately had a reaction - exhausted, foggy brain, etc. I concluded that it's probably the antibiotics/steroids or the chicken feed, so I'm working on doing more organic meat. I'm a little worried about tonight as I will be introducing wheat/gluten back into my diet. I'm pretty sure I have an intolerance to it, but it'll be confirmed over the next three days.

3. Race to the Inlet 5K - Last Saturday, I had a 5K race. I was pretty disappointed with myself because I basically walk/ran in 38 minutes. The reason I took so long was because I have not been able to run while on the cleanse. The cleanse is a time for rest (which I got!). So, I tried to remember that it would have been better if I had been training. It was still tough though. My next 5K is in July; my boyfriend and I begin training today. Here are some photos from the race:

Pre-race picture.

I'm waiting for the race to start.

Almost there!

4. 12K Update - I signed up for the race in October to participate in the 5K, not the 12K. I was going to, but my boyfriend wanted to run the 5K too. I felt bad, so I decided to do the 5K instead. However, I am hoping to do a 10K in November or December. I'm not giving up!

Well, that's about it. I'll post tomorrow about April goals and about the wheat encounter. Hope you all have a wonderful afternoon!
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