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Trying to Do Everything

Tuesday, April 02, 2013

I have been flat out exhausted. Work has been busy with the end of the school year approaching (I work in a university library). But that's not the half of it! I have been running 90 miles an hour trying to get everything done at my home. Most of you probably don't know this, but I do not work well in chaotic conditions. And that is just what my house is right now. We have two rooms in remodel process and are trying to get ready for a garage sale. Needless to say, most of my home looks like an unrecognizable jungle most of the time. I cleaned the other day and it's hard to tell because there is still so much just lying around. We live in an older home and in the era in which it was built, storage space was not a huge commodity in building homes, because people just didn't have a lot of "stuff." So, when stuff has to come out of its normal place, there is no where else for it to go...except stacked on top of other things sometimes in the middle of my hallway.

I also feel bad because I am just not able to do as much as I am used to. My mother, raised me to be a very self-sufficient woman. My dad was a policeman when I was growing up and always had military whether active or not. So, she used to always tell me, "You can't depend on a man always being around to take care of things, so you had better learn to do everything." Well, that is exactly what I did, and I can work just as hard as any man, with of course my FEW female limitations. So, sitting pretty and dainty in pregnancy while my husband does all the manual labor is just not my style. It's driving me CRAZY! The other day, I insisted on mowing the lawn just so I could feel some independence. I did fine mowing the front and then about 1/4 of the way through on the back, I gave out. My ankles were swollen and my energy totally gone. It was a good work out, and I didn't feel bad, but rather like I had done a full blown work out.

I actually think it's good that I have stayed active during this pregnancy. I feel more energy when I do some active things like a brisk 2 mile walk or some yardwork. I just wish I could do more, because I hate seeing my DH break his back doing most of it alone. I know he doesn't mind and feels like he is contributing in a big way. It's just in my nature to want to work. But, I'm sure there will plenty of time for that after this baby is born.

As for my health, I have finally given in and started actually using the meal plans on babyfit.com, spark's sister website. I don't like tracking in there as well as I do here, but the meals are definitely more catered to my increasing appetite. Yesterday, after very insufficiently planning meals for the day, I went home with a raging headache and shakiness from not eating enough. I was too afraid to track it, but I'm sure it was in the 1,000 range...about 1,000 short of what babyfit recommends for daily intake. So, I made sure to follow their regimen today, and so far, feel 100% better than yesterday. My exercise has been difficult to track, because I have mostly been doing chores; I have also been sneaking walks in here and there. Swimming has been out of the picture for a while, sadly because all the classes just fall at strange times and we have to carefully plan. Lately, due to some developments I will share later, our schedule has been fairly unpredictable. So, my life has been absolutely crazy. I have missed being here on spark, mostly because I feel badly for not being more in touch with all of you. I have tried to keep up with blogs, but haven't done much else in a while. I hope no one takes it personally, because I have sure beat myself up for not being more supportive to all of you. I sincerely hope that each of you is doing well. Hopefully when things calm down, I can get more active on here again. Have a fabulous week friends! OH! And I still have every intention of posting pics from the Color Run. Just have to find the time! emoticon emoticon
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  • _LINDA
    Unfortunate timing, all this remodeling and then a garage sale on top of it. I am glad you are going with babyfit's tracking, Sparks usually has everything well researched and thought out so should be just what you need. Moderate exercise is great,just try not to overdo. The one annoying thing to do is pricing all your articles for sale -people appreciate seeing a price there so they can barter. I always hated that part of it :P Your number one job though, is taking care of you and the little one -drop anything that gets in the way of that. Your health and consequently, the baby's has to come first.
    Don't worry about your buds, they will always be here when you have any time.
    emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1487 days ago
    I'm happy to read all is going well with the pregnancy! You should just relax, things will get done! Don't stress on trying to be perfect! Enjoy, your pregnancy and rest while you can! emoticon
    1488 days ago
    You're doing GREAT!!! Try to relax and enjoy your little one inside you!!! I loved feeling them kick and even have the hiccups!
    1488 days ago
    I'm happy to hear that you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle while pregnant. That's one of the hopes I have if I decide to have children. It seems tough with the exhaustion and cravings! Hope things settle down for you soon! emoticon
    1488 days ago
    This is the life of a new mom. All this CHAOS is preparing you for the unknowns about to hit you when that baby comes. I have never felt more out of control than I did with that first baby. Whew! Give yourself a break. Wow. I wish we all could. I too was raised like you but knew I wanted to raise my kids and have input in their lives. I had to wave good bye to the philosophy I had adopted that said I am worth something based on my performance. This is still tough for me. I am something because He accepts me and he fought the fight. It is not my war. I know you are tired. Rest! Move gently. And love that body and then that baby! emoticon
    1488 days ago
    You sound exactly like me during my pregnancies - exhausted but determined to keep pushing in so many different ways. Every time I'd get through a pregnancy, I'd look back and wonder why I did let myself slow down - I think I kept myself BUSIER then than any other time! And yet, I'd just do the same thing all over again, haha! I remember mowing the lawn at 8.5 months pregnant, and stripping wallpaper in my living room on my due date with my third child. Sometimes, we're really crazy! :D
    1488 days ago
  • SAASHA17
    I know the feeling...My dad is in the merchant Navy so i grew up to be independent and like to have control over things!! and it frustrates me to see other people work...

    BUt ur pregnant silly one!! so relax, eat right and do the right thing for the little strawberry!!

    take care and do eat..
    1488 days ago
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