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C1D15 Crazy Monday.

Monday, April 01, 2013

Today was llooonnnggggg. So long. I had a ton of grading to do at school. It felt never ending. I didn't finish it all, but the school day finally ended so I called it quits there and ran home to get in a quick mile jog before having to tend to my second job: mom and wife. As soon as I was done jogging I ran to the store to meet my husband, who had picked up the kids thankfully, at the farm store to get some plants for our garden. Interesting trip full of fussing children. The fussy kids were mine, not other peoples! Get home and husband wanted to move the baby chicks that have now grown out to the big chicken pen. More chaos. Older baby chicks wants to get out and there are 11 chicks flapping around. Meanwhile the mini donkey is running towards my 2 yr old thinking he has carrots, my husband fends him off with a kick to the side, which scares the kids. I am trying to catch a darn baby chick and don't see the donkey thing happen...chaos. We get all the chickens in the coop and get the heck out of there and move towards the house. The kids are getting the chickens their food and I notice my son is eating it as he is getting it! I drag him inside because I can't take much more. My blood pressure medicine is working in overdrive, as it has been most of the day. I am already 30 minutes behind on dinner now. I pull together a fancy fish stick dinner for the family and I eat my trusty chicken and salad with stemmed veggies on the side. Then we do bath, which we are also late for. I run a load of laundry (which is still in the washer), jump in a quick hot bath (as I am still sweaty from the jog...and the chaos that is life) and then get the kids their medicine. It is now 9 pm and just seconds ago, things finally calmed down. Both kids are drifting to sleep. Praise The Lord! He is good!

I know that was long winded but I needed to get it out. Oh geez...now son is up whining again.

Thank goodness I got a jog in. Imagine my blood pressure if I hadn't!

Tomorrow will be calmer. It will. Surely.

At least I stayed on plan through it all!
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