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Goals and action plan for the upcoming 8 week BLC break

Monday, April 01, 2013

Friends, please review what I’ve got so far and help me craft a better plan. I really welcome your suggestions and feedback.

Goal – one pound a week and continued improvement in fitness

Lent and Easter has been a time of reflection and renewal. So I have been doing quite a lot of thinking about my life in general –about the things that I am glad that I did ( that I reaffirm and will continue to do) as well as the things that I have not done ( that I should have done) and I need to change those things. I will continue the daily quiet contemplation that has been part of my Lenten practice and will finish the list of things Identified as part of 40 Days – Doing Lent generously. And I will use daily.

I will be mindful of how precious a gift each day is and I will use each day purposefully. One of my BLC teammates posted recently about an accident - things were fine and the next minute the world is turned upside down. I tend to live life as though I had all the time in the world and I put off so many things with good intentions of doing them in the future- and that applies to eating mindfully as well as exercise sometimes.

I will continue my fitness activities – Thanks to our BLC challenges, I have started doing interval training on the elliptical – and I can get in a really good workout in a shorter period of time. So my cardio goal is a minimum of 20 minutes (if doing intervals) and 30 otherwise 3 times a week.. Thanks to BLC I am pretty consistent with my fitness activities and I am definitely doing that much now – should I up that goal? Am I going to have to dedicate even more time to exercise if I really want to see weight los??? Or is it better to set one that I see as a life long goal? ( which is the aerobic x3)

Nutrition – UGH !!!!!! I started out strong here but I have fall off the wagon lately. I am going to renew my focus on healthy living ….but how am I going to do this?
• Schedule the time
o For meal planning ( snacks, favorite lunch dinner menus), food shopping, packing lunches and prepping for supper
• Track everything I eat and my fitness, too (I have gotten way too lax with this and it shows in lack of progress)
• Remind myself each week how important organization is in all aspects of life. When I am organized I am MUCH more likely to be successful with my eating. Plan emergency meals, lunches and snacks
• Continue to post with my Spark friends who provide so much support ant encouragement.

Member Comments About This Blog Post:
GABBY98_80 4/22/2013 6:55AM

    How's it going?

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LEVELPATHS 4/6/2013 6:16AM

    Hiya - good to see you're doing well.

I think exercising 5 days a week is a good goal - perhaps just try and do a little walk or something on the days you're currently not exercising?

Also, I know I like to think that I want to lose a pound a week or whatever - but it never works - better to set your goals around what you will do (planning meals etc) rather than what weight you will lose.

I'll check out the pray as you go thing. Thanks for the link! :-)

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MELP06 4/3/2013 4:28PM

    They look like good goals. I think that someone also said this but it works out better to not do too much all at once so that you will actually stick with it without getting overwhelmed. I would try to add in some additional fitness, pick one more day a week and start with 10 minutes then work up from there. emoticon emoticon

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TRAVELGRRL 4/2/2013 8:32PM

    I believe you should up your workout time if you can. I mostly rely on CLASSES at my fitness center, because I would never, EVER work out as hard on my own as I do in the classes. Are they an option for you?

I also think organization is a huge part of this journey, and it's really important to set up your environment for success. When I cook, I often freeze part for a later meal. I always have a few go-to things in the freezer: Boca chicken patties to pair with oven fries, frozen turkey sausage so we can have breakfast for dinner, homemade soup to defrost and pair with a salad, etc.

Good luck, you can do this!!

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NHES220 4/1/2013 2:57PM

    I think 1 lb a week is a good goal. Try not to make too many changes at once.

Exercise - if you can increase your cardio I would do it. Do you have time to add 1 more day a week? I would shoot for 4 days of at least 30 minutes if you can. The intervals are great.

Meal planning is tough, but important. I joined SP in December and I still log my food every day. It keeps me accountable. I tend to have the same thing for breakfast everyday, I don't get bored with it and it is easy. Try and plan for the week if you can and have things with you in case of emergency - protein bars in case you forget to pack a lunch, you'll be less likely to cheat.

I found some good slow cooker recipes on SparkRecipes. That way, at the end of the day, we aren't worrying about what we're going to eat for who is going to cook.

Also, make sure you are getting enough water in.

Good luck! And as Gabby mentioned, don't forget to reward yourself along the way.

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COOLMAMA11 4/1/2013 12:41PM

    emoticon emoticon I too need to get a tighter grip on those goals, and follow through ! Like everyone else, I tend to start gung -ho, then slowly slide back to old ways, this has to be a life time goal, not just a few months lol! We can do it Jane step at a time!

Hugs Elaine emoticon

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GABBY98_80 4/1/2013 10:20AM

    What is your goal weight? Put it publically in writing- it helps you commit
Write it out in a place like your intro page in five pound increments;
ie: I started at 203 (this time- I played this game before and came within 3 pounds of my goal weight) so I would put
Start- 203
195 (just because it is easier to count)- reward: movie tickets
190 - reward- new running shoes
185- reward- Pedicure
180- NEW CLOTHES (every 20 pounds is a big reward)
150- Goal weight HUGE REWARD- mine is a trip

** Mine doesn't exactly look layed out like this because I did a visual poster w my rewards on it. ALSO a good idea. Cut out pictures of your goals and rewards.
There are articles on here about the power of visual motivation. That is part of the reason it is good for me to go to the gym or part, etc to excercise. We complain that people see the fat girl running and we hate the looks- trust me I do. BUT if you get the looks it reminds you why you are doing this- not for the judgemental whoever. Because you are taking control of your life- one pound at a time. And choosing to win this battle.

Added tip around twenty pounds from your goal weight start joining the maintence blogs and groups on SP. That's why I gained it back. I looked at this as a goal instead of for the rest of my life. As soon as one tragedy hit, I had no clue how to incoorporate the new lifestyle into all the things I was dealing with- so I gave up- 3 pounds away. Plan for maintence!

THat nutrition is important. You talked about lent, lent was when I gave up sodas for good almost a decade ago. I realized it was always what I was gving up when fasting and that perhaps that was a signal of the value I was putting on soda (sounds strange to think of putting food ahead of Christ) but it seemed to be and seems to be where I could fall very quick if I am not careful to watch what I eat. The tracking for me is more accountability. Watching how much really is in stuff. Slowly you learn. The big thing for me is I hate tracking on nights I go out with friends- because I feel guilty even before I see the total. I've learned that living in denial isn't helping. So now I track like it or not. Knowing I have to look the calories in the eye later somehow helps me think (which is the hard part when carbs are in front of me I would rather turn off my brain and do the back stroke through a bowl of potatoes).

And the biggest battle- in your mind. Knowing every morning that you CAN get up and fight this weight war and that even when you lose a small battle the WAR is worth winning. And that with each correct choice you are assured of victory!

I feel like Mel Gibson should show up now in the final scene of Braveheart and yell- FREEDOOOOOM! :)

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BIGDOG18 4/1/2013 10:11AM


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