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And another new chapter begins...

Monday, April 01, 2013

We've moved! Again. We are "back home" now with our family and have a very peaceful feeling that we are exactly where God wants us. However, it has been a 6 week process, and with two little ones, renovations, and downsizing homes drastically - it has also been a bit stressful and exhausting.

I already feel like I'm getting a head of myself. I think I may need to break this into 2 blogs - 1 tonight and 1 tomorrow. I've been wanting to do this for my own therapy, as well as to fill in my spark friends who may have wondered what is going on with me lately.

Well, it all began in the fall. We had been renting a really great Condo in our new town, but because we had been so badly burned by the real estate market (basically paying 2 mortgages all year then a short sale on our home!) we knew we needed to get out of the brand new beautiful condo and find something that better suited our financial situation.

I scoured craigslist and spoke with agents and landlords, narrowing down the rental houses I needed to drag my husband to on the weekends. We found a few really cute ones - significantly less rent than what we were paying, but I just couldn't seem to get my husband to commit to one. Our lease would be up in January. We needed to find a new home by Dec.

Finally around Thanksgiving, during a discussion about what our options were and how we should work out the logistics of the move, my husband admitted that he didn't like our new town. He was starting to think it wouldn't be worth moving our family to a different home only to leave again in a year or two. He was also feeling uneasy about being away from our family in Indiana to be in a town/job he didn't like. The conversation progressed.

What?! I thought. While I don't particularly love being a way from my parents and aging grandparents, I do really like Peoria (our new town). It is a very family friendly place. I found it to be a great place to raise young children. Lots of outdoor activities, lots of beautifully maintained parks and trails, affordable events to attend, easy driving, good schools. I couldn't understand why he couldn't see all of this.

And then I did:

You see, I had the luxury of spending my days exploring our new town with the kids. We drove to new parks, the zoo, libraries, shopping centers, joining a play group and local MOPS, our daughter was in a great school that had a nice family like feeling. And then I understood what it was. He had a day or two of great family time like this on the weekends, but during the week, well, he was sort of miserable at his job.

We tried to down play it at first. We were just so grateful that he had such a great job. For the previous 4 years he was employed by a large appliance company, helping develop new refrigerators. He had a light in his eyes when he talked about his job and the projects he had going on. He felt like he was part of something good, and had a good team to work with. In Oct. 2011, the company restructured and eliminated positions, and approximately 200 employees from their corporate office - my husband was one of them.

We had faith that God had something better in store for us. We were open to whatever his next step for us would be. 3 months later he was offered a great job for another global company manufacturing tools, irrigation equipment and many other high quality products. I believe he felt honored to be able to work with another large successful company again.

And so with 2 weeks to prepare and move; we relocated to Peoria, IL.

He began his new job. There were some bureaucracy things that kind of drove him crazy from the get go, and his boss's lack of personality didn't help. But again, we're glad he had a job. I saw the light in my husband's eyes go out. He was not excited about his job or projects, the office did not work well as a team and there was a lot of finger pointing and lack of accountability that showed itself over and over. He was worn out with it. I was loving my new job as a "stay at home mommy" and he was not. I understand that we all have things about our jobs that we don't love, and just need to deal with, but we spend so much of our lives there. It really should not be drudgery. My husband is a hard worker, and has a very positive team oriented personality. This was simply not the right fit for him. (It later came out that many others in the office are looking for a new job as well).

And here we are. My husband sent out several resumes. Trying mostly to stay in the mid west so that we can easily see our families on the weekends. He interviewed with 3 companies and was eventually offered the job basically in our home town. amazing. It's a smaller family owned company that has ran a very successful business for over 100 years. They value their employess and hight quaility work. They have a gym on site for all employees, a healthy oatmeal breakfast served every thursday in the winter, free fruit fridays in the summer, a mentoring program for new employees, parties, bonuses, great team office spirit, and a lot of emphasis on making a very high quality american made product. (you don't find that often anymore!)

We're excited about it. I think it's going to be a great fit.

And we are back in our "starter home". This is a 728 sq foot 2 bedroom house that I bought when I was 23 and single. After Riccardo and I were married he moved in with me, but when we started thinking about starting a family we thought it was best to look for a bigger home. Our little home didn't sell, so we've been renting it out for the past 5 years. Our renters moved out in August and the house has been sitting empty. It just wouldn't sell. It's not a bad little home, and has a lot of potential...but anyway. It was obvious to us, that this is where we should live for a while.

I truly believe that God has weaved this intricate web to get us right back where He wants us. Riccardo needed to be uprooted from his job he loved, so we could grow in faith, and move away. We had to lose our house in a short sale to rid ourselves of excess and debt, and force us to downsize and live in our little "starter home". We needed to get back to the beginning and back to our cute little home so that we could be right where He wants us. We have a wonderful opportunity to honor God, rid ourselves of debt, and correct past mistakes that we never would have taken otherwise. You see, we have been very slowly chipping away at our debt (student loans, old credit card debt, car loan) but not really getting anywhere. We have learned from our financial mistakes and this is the opportunity to make it right and really start honoring God with our money. We are not supposed to be enslaved to our debtors. We are taking this great opportunity to simplify, stay on our budget and get out of debt for good. Our goal is to live here for 2-3 years and then look for something a little larger (AFTER this home sells- no more paying 2 mortgages!)

I am happy and at peace, but simplifying is not always simple...but that is for another blog.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I hope you will be happy in your new location. You hubby sounded like he worked the same crappy job I had here in Peoria. Management was terrible,co-workers were not team oriented and the place is not like it seems in the many commercials advertised.
    Good luck to you. When you are settled it is time to get back to your mission of getting yourself happy and healthy.
    1784 days ago
    First off let me say I am so happy to hear from you! I have been wondering how the move went and how you were settling in. I am so thrilled that God had a plan for you and moved you back where you wanted to be. The little ones get to see their grandparents and great grandparents more often and that is very important! Family always comes first.
    I am glad your husband is liking his new job! It is so very hard to go to work when you dislike what you are doing. I really hope things work out the way God and you want them to!
    i know how hard it is to go from a big house to a small one! It is not easy or simple! What to keep, what to get rid of, what to store and what to throw away! I feel for you there, but you have a great attitude and know it is only for a little while. You can do this! I am so happy and really hope you guys are finding peace in your new endeaver and next chapter of your lives!
    1789 days ago
    Ignore my questions on your page! LOL! This answsered them! :-)

    Wow, sounds so familiar! We have not been able to secure Brad a good local truck driving job (although the best one in the area was about to hire him on, then the manager who was hiring him took the position himself, saying he was tired of being a manager and wanted to go back to driving! THANKS!), and it is so difficult to find anything around here. So we've been talking and are so tired of being house poor. Our house payment was at the top end of our budget when we BOTH worked. Having only one income has really put a burden on us. We've put way too much onto credit cards, and I cashed out my 401K so that we could make house payments for awhile, and then when it was all gone, we put aside our income tax refund to pay some more of them. We will never get ourselves out of this hole we've dug unless something changes.

    So we are giving it a year. If by this time next year he hasn't found anything better, we are looking to move to Cincinnati, OH, as that's where he already works (he drives the 3 and 1/2 hours to work each week). He says there will be a lot more local driving opportunities there. I hate moving away from friend and family, especially with us having a new baby then, but we have to do what's best for OUR family. This will also solve our vaccination issue, as we can claim a personal belief exemption for school in Ohio.

    We will probably rent for a year if we end up moving there. I keep looking online and finding 3-4 bedroom townhomes in these really nice complexes with pools and playgrounds and all that, but they are the same price as our house payment now (or more!) and your blog made me realize that maybe we might have to cram 3 kids into a smaller rental in order to have less of a house payment.

    We've even thought about buying a double wide to put on one of my parents' lots beside them, but if we're not going to stay here, why go to all the trouble, right?

    Glad I have a friend who has gone through all of this before, as I never really have. I have lived in the same area my whole life. My husband has moved around (grew up in PA, lived in FL in his early 20s and then came to WV after that), but I never really have. I may be asking your advice in the near future!!!!

    I am so glad that it seems that things are working out for you! I hope Riccardo likes his new job and that he does well at it and you all can stay put for a long time!!!
    1790 days ago
    Great Attitude and patience, and the strenght of your befief in our Savior is what will get you thru the most difficult time... emoticon emoticon
    1790 days ago
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