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Back to Yog-Antics!!

Monday, April 01, 2013

Today we gather again as a group for resuming one of our favourite activities--Yoga.We tried doing that in January 2010 and continued zealously till September 2010--a no mean feat for a mixed group of women ranging from 40-75 years old!!The best part was going through the motions on our Condominium terrace-- in the open Air--under a Blue Sky dotted with scudding Cottonwool fluffy Clouds.Today we begin again--and I'm so looking forward to it!!
Our earlier stint was extremely enjoyable--specially during the Monsoons when we'd call out to Indra--the Lord of Rain--to keep the Rain away.The memory of that roiling Grey Sky--thick with Rain heavy Clouds was one of the highlights of our Yoga---specially because we Indians love the Rains.Monsoons are the prime Weather for Love--as many beautiful miniature Paintings of the Celestial lovers Radha and Krishna will bear witness to my statement.Not to forget Kalidasa's lyrical "Meghadootam"---- which deals with the musings of a forlorn Lover who is separated and pining for his Ladylove faraway.He chooses a "Megha' or Cloud as his "Doota" or Messenger to carry his Lovelorn messages to his Beloved.
It's a women only Class--and as we flip flop over as well as raise our legs towards an Azure Blue Sky,my friend Pushpa's DIL Apurva can get a full view of some trim,some plump and some actually fat women going through the gentle paces from her Bedroom window!!!
Now take me--I'm fat and stiff jointed.By the time I regain some of my earlier fluidity of movement the Rains will be here.I have a problem sitting cross legged on my Mat--but I'm definitely going to try and find a spot that will work for me. The reason I'm doing this is to keep my joints supple and to retain my mobility because with Sudhir gone my life is literally without any pace--only the one that I create.There is really no motivation to finish certain things by a certain deadline anymore.However I go through the motions at the same pace just to keep myself occupied with a semblance of normalcy.Spending this time in the open Air with the gentle ribbing and camaraderie of my regular group of Friends will help by relaxing not only my stiff joints but also my mind--because Meditation is one part of it as well.Controlling one's mind is an extremely challenging task--keeping all other thoughts at bay while concentrating just the one is doing battle with one's own mind. Sometimes I win and sometimes I lose--but my determination and doggedness in pursuance of my goal hopefully should get me there!!
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