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Adapting to Changes

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I am a travel therapist. I get a contract to work in different nursing homes for 13 week assignments. When I renewed my dedication to getting healthier and losing weight, it was at the beginning of a new work assignment. I was fortunate that it was a job close to home. This allowed me to be home in time for dinner and allowed me time to work out. Starting tomorrow I will have a new assignment in a different town. This will be almost a 2 hour drive to work and and 2 hrs back home. This most definitely change my daily routine, but what will it mean to my healthy lifestyle?
Will I still have time to work out during the week?
Will I have the energy to work out?
Will I be forced to eat dinner on the way home from FF?
Will I snack in the car on the way home and eat a regular meal later in the evening?
I use to drink lots of water on my drive to and from work. Now I will be traveling country roads with no where to stop and tinkle (lol). Will I still be able to consume 6 or more glasses of water a day?
Questions. Questions.
I have already been trying to prepare. Keeping a case of water, protein shakes, and protein bars in the car for traveling. I would really like to avoid FF if all possible. I plan on trying to work out in the evenings when I get home. I thought about packing dinner with my lunch and then just eating dinner at work right before I leave. These are all ideas I'm starting with to try and maintain my health and weight loss efforts. I realize I will have to continue to adapt until I get a system that will work for me. But just wondering...anyone else have any suggestions?
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  • AHSOKA70
    You are welcome for the support! It is good to hear that you are doing well with the snacks. It has to be tiring, so maybe concentrate on exercise on your days off, and don't stress if you can't work out when you get home. Getting a good night's sleep is super important too. Hang in there.
    1688 days ago
    So far so good as far as the meals and snacks go. I've been putting good use to those leftover hard boiled eggs from Easter! That has tied me over for the drive home and then I eat dinner when I get home. I haven't felt much like exercising after getting home though. I rode my bike for about 15 minutes monday. No exercise tuesday. Getting ready to do the Wii fit in just a few minutes.
    Ahoska70-this contract is 13 weeks unless they cancel it early for low census. Thanks to you and Sumay for the support!
    1688 days ago
    Yes - what's available at convenient stops - even places like Walgreen's leaves a lot to be desired. We went walking this weekend and I wanted to bring a healthy snack on the trail in case anyone got hungry. I went straight for the nuts - because they're healthy, right? Nope. They were full of hydrogenated oils (which are a big no-no). So - I need to remind myself to buy those large bags from Costco - which are nothing but Almonds and roast them myself. We also buy a large bag of Almonds - Walnuts and raisins. We used to also buy craisins until I realized how much sugar they add to it (which is totally unnecessary). We mix those together (and other dried fruits would work too) and eat them as a snack whenever we get the munchies. It only takes a small amount to satisfy. Sometimes, if I'm craving chocolate - I might also add some dark chocolate chips to the mix.

    1689 days ago
  • AHSOKA70
    Such a long commute there and back. Is this a long-term contract?

    I think the key, like Sumay said, is packing healthy snacks and meals. Think of how much healthier they will be than anything you could pick up at FF or at a convenient store, plus think of the $ you'll save. I sometimes look for a snack after work at a convenient store, and there is nothing good! I pick up nuts usually, but even that comes in huge pouches.

    This isn't going to be easy, but planning will help you keep moving forward. You've come so far already, so keep on going!! emoticon

    1690 days ago
    I think it's good that you are asking these questions now - before you start. Usually people just feel bad - after the fact - and get mad that they didn't make plans. Great job tackling that one!

    When I have things like doctor's appointments - I try hard to think ahead of time. Why? First of all the food options are crappy - and second of all because I don't want to waste time. So - if we are going to be out during meal time - I bought a nice little medium size family cooler and I fill it with healthy snacks. Things like a yogurt for each of us - carrot sticks - celery sticks. I learned this from a friend. Whenever she went out with the kids she would bring in the car a small jar of peanut butter - a small jar of jelly and bread. However, we try to make things different.

    You need to be careful of protein shakes and protein bars - not sure if you know. However a lot of them are more unhealthy than eating a snickers bar. They have a load of corn syrup in them and relatively little protein. So - make sure you choose a healthy one.

    One thing we learned recently - we used to buy sub sandwiches from Safeway locally. They were on sale once and the bread was so much better than Subway (for example). Now - all they do is cut up an entire loaf of French Bread and make it into a sandwich (but they don't put on a lot of veggies). I got inspired - and instead (when we go out) I get a loaf - pile on lettuce (or spinach) - cucumbers - tomatoes - a little lunch meat (I actually recently found one with no nitrates in it) and some slices of cheese. I then cut it up into servings for each of us. You could do the same - or just buy rolls/bread from a bakery and make sandwiches. For some reason - it tastes so much more delicious when you put in on great bread! This saves us money - is easy to put together - and we don't eat unhealthy.

    If you want more of a dinner - you could also make some soup to bring with you as well. I have also brought salad as well. These are things you could easily put together - and there is also the old standby of bringing leftovers to heat up if you are going to eat before you leave.

    As for the water - I really cannot help you there as it is a problem for me as well. When we go out - dh is always telling me "drink more water." However, I don't want to stop at every nasty bathroom to go - so I limit what I drink when we are out and about. When at home - I gladly chug it down.

    If you are able to take a break where you work - why not walk around the premises to get in some exercise during the work day. If you only worked out on Monday - Wednesday and Friday - perhaps you now need to work out for less time but each day of the week.

    Also - if you want to eat dinner with your family when you return home - but you are worried about having cravings for fast food - why not pack a small cooler bag with something special (a small bag of strawberries - grapes - a small bag of nuts or pretzels) - change it up once in a while so it doesn't get boring for you.

    I know you can still be committed to this change you have made. Asking the types of questions you are asking now - shows that. I guess it is good that this is happening now - so you can build healthy habits and make sure you have a plan in place when your work does take you further from home.

    I believe in you.

    1691 days ago
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