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Easter Egg Hunt

Sunday, March 31, 2013

We had a nice early Easter celebration last night. The kids came out, hunted for the Easter Eggs I had strewn all over the front yard (I filled some with small change, some had candy, and there was an egg for each of the three grandkids that had a $5 bill in it!), and ate pizza and homemade pasta. It was pretty nice outside, the sun had dried out the grass from the inch of rain we had early Saturday morning and we enjoyed the warmish Spring weather. After dinner, the grandkids got the Easter Baskets I had made for each of them, and then we went back outside, where Duncan learned how to yoyo (with the Duncan brand yoyo that was in his basket), and the girls jumped rope (sort of) with their new jump ropes, blew bubbles, and played hopscotch on the boards my daughter-in-law (who is very artistic) drew with sidewalk chalk on the driveway. It was a really nice family evening, and youngest son even was home for a change. Most of the time he is working lately. I used to take family holiday celebrations like this for granted, now I treasure them. It's hectic with all the kids here, but wonderful too!!

I could tell hubby wasn't feeling great. He had spent a lot of time in the afternoon, putting an electric garage door opener on our shed. That is probably more work than he needed to be doing, but he had asked if we could get it for him for an early birthday present, last week. Since his birthday isn't until August, and at this point every healthy day is a gift, I went out and bought it for him immediately. But while the family was here, he was quiet and seemed pale.

This morning he woke me up about 6, and said he didn't think his catheter was draining. We had just been to the ER, a week ago Thursday and had a new catheter put in, but sure enough it was plugged again. He had a urinary tract infection (UTI) at the time and just finished his antibiotic for that Saturday. Sure enough, he still has it, the doctor thought perhaps it was an antibiotic resistant infection and gave him a scrip for another antibiotic that hopefully will work better. It seems that when you have an infection, there is white stuff emitted in your urine that will clog a catheter. So they put in another new one. Hope this one lasts the week while we are in D.C. He didn't wait as long this time before seeking help and did NOT attempt to unclog it himself this time. He's learning. So his discomfort wasn't so great this time and they got the new catheter put in a lot quicker this time too.

We met middle son and his wife and daughter at a local restaurant for their Easter Brunch Buffet at 11:30 this morning. It was delicious, but I really hate buffets. It is just an invitation for me to overeat. I tried to eat lightly and didn't feel "stuffed" like I used to get at buffets, when we left, but I do know I ate too much. Like my youngest son said, "Think of all the walking you'll be doing in D.C. next week." I hope he's right, because I probably have some pounds to work off!

I need to get busy packing, but before I go, I'll attach some of my pictures from yesterday. Hooray! I figured out where to put the software CD's on my new computer (thanks for the advice), and got my pictures downloaded.

(Notice Lola in the background with an egg in her mouth? She hunted Eater Eggs too!)

Youngest son likes deviled eggs, so he made a batch. I hate them!

All Duncan wants from the Easter Bunny, is his two front teeth!

My three sons and beloved Du (hubby).

Blowing Bubbles!

Jumping Rope


My poor tired Du. I love him so.

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