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Happy Easter!

Sunday, March 31, 2013

I made it to church this morning, but with the day I had yesterday, I wasn't so sure I was going to.

Saturday I woke up at 4am with a terrible burning heartburn. I am not sure what brought it on, I don't think it was anything I ate. I think it was just the chemo. I was told by one of my doctors that chemo causes the stomach to produce more acid. I took 4 Tums (which I always keep by my bed) and went back to sleep a few more hours.

(And yes, I am already on prescription meds for my GERD, I take Protonix twice per day.)
It was still bad when I got up. I just stuck to a bland diet and small amounts of foods. I was so bummed to feeling so rotten when I had just two fairly good days two days in a row. It did get a little better late in the morning, so I thought I would try out my newest workout DVD.

You might remember me posting about 2 months ago I won a Jodi Stolove chair aerobics workout; Life's A Celebration. I had been putting off trying it out because of either pain issues, or chemo related fatigue. I was determined to at least try it yesterday, so I did. It was a fun workout, but I had to stop a few times and take a break. I kept track of the time I actually exercised, and I ended up doing 30 minutes of it.

I got very tired very early in the afternoon, I think I should have cut my workout a bit shorter, it's a lot more aerobic than I am use too, but sometimes you don't know what you can handle until you try it. My heartburn got worse again too, so I was not eating much. And when I don't eat enough, it seems to make the lightheaded-ness I get from my pain pills a little worse. Fortunately, my stomach started to calm down again in the evening. I tried to do some reading before bedtime, but it was hard to keep my eyes open so I went to bed at 9:30pm.

My stomach was much better when I woke up this morning. I went to the Easter breakfast at church with my mom and sister. The meal was served potluck style. I just fixed myself a small plate; all healthy foods except for a small slice of lemon cake. Each place setting including a mini Easter basket made out of a plastic cup filled with candy; I took the candy home for another day. The service followed at 11am and it was very nice.

I got home around 12:30pm. I was surprised at how tired and worn out I felt, but I guess it was to be expected since I just had chemo the last two Tuesdays. I changed into my pajamas right after I got home. I really had to push myself to do a workout today; just a short Sit and Be Fit workout, but it was good to stretch after sitting so much this morning, and it did perk up my energy just a bit. I ended up with 617 fitness minutes for the month, which isn't bad considering I missed 6 days this month.

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