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Sunday, March 31, 2013

:43 AM 3/31/2013

Well we are still here so lets tell them the Truth of a man called Jesus who died for us so we could be with him forever .. A real relationship based
on love .. Not hate .. Wow what he did for us is unreal .. To die for us such a horrible death .. and the things he suffered .. I so love him .. he is The
reason I sing .. The reason I exist .. I wish all would know him but I know some wont .. It is just So sad but enough of that this is a awesome day
the day that a lot of the world celebrate Jesus"s resurrection .. wow when I watch all the things God made the birds so pretty .. he made the world to be
awesome and we in our smartness have messed up so much .. Such a wonderful Sky .. Stars moon Sun .. The land the water oh my favorite the butterflies
each detail like a painting .. I stand in awe ... of all he did for us .. The smartest man in this world is nothing compared .. they think they have all
the answers but God made this so simple they cant comprehend it .. I mean all you have to do is do good .. To love him .. To ask Jesus in your life and say
I need you please forgive me .. so simple but so many want what they want .. I ask myself I have been there Why do we do that .. all I can say is we listen
to the devil .. I have done a lot in my life I am not proud of but its my past PRAISE GOD HE HAS FORGIVEN ME AND I HAVE FORGIVEN MYSELF .. I finally love
him more than self .. oh yes I love me because he has shown me how .. Now when I look in the mirror I see him .. I see the love he has given me .. oh wow
to rest in him .. Ask yourself why do they hate him .. when you see Jesus he never did nothing bad .. but they hated him why .. Why would we want to live
a life of Fear .. hate .. sin .. that would kill us early .. examine your heart . and ask yourself that .. When all we have to do is come to him oh man
I have always ran to him sometimes when it was the last straw but now I run to him .. there is nothing like him .. nobody compares .. oh how I wish I had
listened to him so many times and I would have missed so many things bumps in my road .. but we want what we want .. Now I only want what he wants .. what
about you .. He said examine your own heart what do you want .. My grandson came in last night I was watching movies .. HE said Grandma can we watch the
rest of the passion he had to go the other day I said of course we did then he wanted to watch Fireproof a movie I recommend to any who are having marriage
issues .. hes only 8 . hhhaha but we watched it and cried and cried oh what love .. I pray he and all my Grandchildren will learn young and not have the
bumps in the road I have had .. I pray I can lead by example .. that they will run to me until they learn to run to God .. So I can tell them the truth ..
My grandson has been learning of the last days .. he is so hungry for our God .. I love it .. I remember so many days sitting at my Grandmas feet and learning
he reminds me of me .. Do you know they learn from you .. If you cuss they learn from you .. if you do wrong they learn from you ..Children learn from who
they adore .. who they look up to .. are you setting the example you want them to learn ? .. I pray you are .. Well have a awesome Day .. God loves you
and so do I .. pray for me please I pray for you all .. your Sis in Christ .. Betty
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