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Day 4: Insanity: Pure Cardio/ Rockin' Body: Shaun T's Dance Party & Hard Core Abs

Sunday, March 31, 2013

100 Reasons to exercise now:

#4: Because you'll feel proud of yourself!

Well Day 4 is down! I took my 1 day break earlier in the week as I was really tired and could only manage to get in 20 mins of cardio upon returning from work. I also cut out Cardio Recovery for this week since I ended up taking 2 days off. I wanted to stay on schedule as much as possible so next week I will make sure to do Cardio Recovery. For my 20 mins of cardio I just did regular dancing to music as a personal "warm up" but by the time I actually got to Rockin' Body my energy was becoming depleted and I wasn't putting my all into the session so I called it an early night and said to myself that I would just start that session again the next day, that session being: Shaun T's Dance Party. emoticon

I completed it tonight and I did it very well; it was loads of fun. "Shaun T's Dance Party" is 45 mins of dancing that really gets you sweating, learning new dance moves, and working out without really feeling like a workout. The moves were so quick changing after he taught them that you really didn't have time to get bored with the routine or recognize how much energy you are putting into it until the end. Then came Hard Core abs emoticon . The same as last time, those 10 mins are still so long but I like when I finish it because I can feel the results after the session and because I had been focusing solely on my abs they show a temporary definition and flatness which lets me know I was in proper form and completing the move correctly.

I have noticed while doing these workouts that I haven't been as sore as I was the first three days so that means I am getting stronger and building more endurance. Speaking of endurance....

With 55 mins down it was now time to go to Insanity: Pure Cardio and that session was exactly what the title suggests: Pure Cardio. So far: each Insanity session does a 10 min cardio circuit warm up, takes time to stretch, and then goes through learning segments, stopping for 30 secs, and starting back up again at high intensities. This continues until the end of the workout. With Pure Cardio, the warm up is approximately 15 mins nonstop, you take a few mins to stretch, and then you proceed into high impact Cardio for 20 mins straight with no breaks. Wooo emoticon , it was tiring, and I was drenched even more than I spoke of in previous blogs. Shaun T even made mention to how sweaty we all should be when completing that session.The sweat was falling off of me including getting in my eyes (not a pleasant feeling). I had to take a few seconds break just walking around the room to keep moving between a couple of moves as it was really intense. But I noticed overall, especially in my warm up, that my endurance was pretty good; I didn't start getting tired until the warmup was almost over and the same goes for the main portion of the workout.

What helped me was taking myself out of the moment and being conscious of what was going on. If I focused on the fact that I was getting tired, I would tire out more quickly so I thought about random things. Among those random things I realized that "Hey, I think I like to workout now"; I liked the feeling that comes with exerting energy from my body. I liked the feeling of having my heart beat fast, and my body working hard and me getting out of breath, because it meant that I was accomplishing something. emoticon

In the end it was 38 mins and if you really strip Insanity down, it's not that insane. Intense, but not insane, at least not to me. You do a 10-15 min non-stop warm up, that is rough when you are first starting the program. You stretch for about 10 mins and then you are left with 20 mins of cardio which really is 15 mins of Cardio because they use the last 5 mins to cool down.

What I would suggest if you are getting ready to start Insanity is don't go in thinking it's going to be crazy because you will psych yourself out and end up "tiring" yourself out quickly even though your body can do more. As I mentioned earlier, go in with the mindset that you can do this. You own Insanity, Insanity does not own you!! Partially going in with that mindset may help some people realize that you can get through it. For me, from that realization on it was purely mind over body. I'm pretty strong minded so I knew I could do it... and I did. Take THAT Shaun T!!! emoticon

I can do this now.. I know I can and I can not wait to be out of breath on tomorrow working my body out because I'm getting it to where I want it to be and the fact that I made it though yet another day makes me very proud of myself. I'm almost done with my first week.

I drank my recovery drink and today is my weigh in day. Weighing in I am down another pound bringing my two weeks total to 5 pounds weight loss emoticon . My goal for next week is to lose 2 pounds which will put me in the upper 170's.

My Cardio totals 85 mins today with 756 calories burned according to Sparkpeople.

Day 4 Complete! Day 5 tomorrow with Plyometric Cardio Circuit, Party Express, and Disco Groove.

3/17/13: 183 pounds
3/25/2013: 181 pounds
3/30/2013: 180 pounds emoticon

See you then... Don't give up, you got this!!! MIND OVER BODY!!! emoticon
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  • SB3872004
    You are very welcome STEVIEBEE569! emoticon emoticon
    1819 days ago
    Girlfriend, because of you, I'm going to start Insanity today! You're my inspiration! I keep telling myself that I can do this! I'm going to do this with Chalene Johnson's ChaLean Extreme. I still want to get some strength training with weights! So, I want to say thank you for doing a great job. I know you're going to continue to do well!

    1819 days ago
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