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Saturday, March 30, 2013

I was looking thru pictures yesterday and i found these three shots... can I tell you it was a nice wake up call for me.... when you push and push and push yourself and you are maintaining at 160 since October 2011.. you think you are doing anything but you are..... 2010 my highest weight ever in my life 210lbs Yep i was that.. I was always a small person even hafter having kids.. but when Fibro came and knocked me down HARD in 2008 and i could barely walk by 2009... the weight packed on.. not just from inactivity but because the meds that have gotten me up and walking and living life again helped along in the weight shortly after the first picture on the left for 2010 in october.. I decided I had had enough.... and mad a pledge that i will do everything in my power to lose the weight and get my mobility back This is where my first angel came into my life On Jan 3rd 2011 I met Sallie Werst.... i was all hunched over and could barely move... this is where my life changed.... Zumba and Sallie made me string.. put up with my tears in class *and there were many* she helped me buid my muscles back up... the first 3 months were the roughest...but with her encouragement and reminding what i can do and where i came from *she still does this for me * :) Love you girl!... then i moved to Durham NC and found a nother Zumba family and made some great friends...then I went to Tampa FL in 2012 and this gym i went to brought me to a whole new level... Shawn Beckland and the awesome Les Mills team for body pump and attack.. made me stronger leaner and I fell in love with lifting weights and High Interval Training I came back left my gym for another adnd met another Les mills group That pushed me... cared about me and I loved everytone of the, Thank you Jessica Leigh and Julie Burbilis...I miss you all....thank you all of you angels for coming into my life and making the e I lost 6 years ago come back with a vigor and fire that I once had when I was younger... even though I have days and weeks i cant do excerise because of being sick with a cold or the pain of storm coming in thanks to fibro....Looking back... we all did a good job together! thank you for being part of my journey.. ALL of you and that includes all MY Zumba girls in NH *miss hooting and hollering with you guys* My zumba family In NC and FL and My Les Mills Team in NC and FL... Never say i cant... say I can! and I will! and Do it!!

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