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Making Plans and Unexpected Motivation

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Hubby and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant yesterday for lunch. I pick him up from work, and we go to lunch every Friday. Friday lunches are a tradition we started back when I was still working but cut back to a 4-day work week, taking every Friday off, and since his diagnosis, we have started doing it a couple times a week, but always on Fridays! I have found a grilled chicken salad at the Mexican restaurant that is very tasty. My favorite meal there is chili rellenos, but I never eat them anymore, and that's okay. I do splurge and have their ranch dressing, which is NOT diet, but is very thin, so I'm hoping that means there's a few less calories in it than regular ranch. But it's a local place, so no caloric counts for their food are available anywhere. The salad comes with two pieces of the most delicious toasted garlic bread. Seriously, it is the best I've ever had. I always place the pieces of bread on hubby's plate--I never eat them. Once in a while I will take one bite. That's it. I try never to eat the bread at restaurants, and seldom eat bread at all anymore. But those complimentary chips and salsa? That's much harder to resist.

We go to this restaurant quite often. I think I even blogged once about spying a heavy woman at an adjoining table, on one visit, who was wearing the same blouse I used to wear. That motivated me NOT to eat the chips. Since then, I have spotted other heavy women at the restaurant, and it really helps limit my consumption of those chips. I rarely go over 10 chips, and usually it's less than five. Yesterday I didn't eat ANY of them! NONE! First of all I had on a pale pink top and a white frilly jacket over it. I knew my propensity to spill on myself (although it's not as bad as it used to be--the fronts of my old blouses were all stained from all the spills--but now my front doesn't stick out as far, so the stains are more often on my lap! I used to laugh to myself when I would put a napkin on my lap because I knew there was no way food could get through to my lap anyway, my front was simply TOO huge for anything to get through!), and I did not want to spill salsa on my light-colored clothing, so I made it a goal to be able to walk away from the table when we were done eating, having had NO chips. THEN....someone we know slightly from the world of bowling leagues walked into the restaurant. We don't know her well enough to even say hello, but both hubby and I noticed her. Probably 35 years ago, when I used to bowl in the same league with her, she was a beautiful young single mom, a few years older than me. I was already heavy, and I remember being jealous of her and her beautiful figure. She would bowl in short-shorts in summer leagues and she looked GOOD. But that beautiful figure is now hidden by extra pounds. Oh she's not as heavy as I got, but definitely overweight, and I realized that now I am the skinny one of the two of us. Seeing her, gave me added motivation to say NO to the chips! As I have often said--I take motivation wherever I can get it.

I have a lot to do today and tomorrow. The kids are coming out tonight for our Easter Egg Hunt, which will be in the yard if the weather is okay. It rained a lot overnight and I won't complain about that, in the middle of this drought, but I hope it dries out by suppertime so we can be in the yard and hide the plastic eggs out there. If not, we'll just do it inside. I am making a little pasta casserole and some dessert to go with the pizza we are ordering. Since I will be leaving early Monday morning, I only have tomorrow to worry about having the temptation of leftover dessert around the house. I will try to get my sons to take some home with them too. Youngest son, who still lives at home, doesn't need much of that stuff around either. He tries to watch his weight and does a pretty good job. I need to do a little cleaning today too--the place is pretty messy. How does that happen? I just cleaned well when the photographer was here the first part of January?!!

Sunday I will be busy washing clothes and packing. We still don't have many definite plans for our trip to D.C. I bought tickets to the Ford Theater on Monday afternoon, I hope we can get there, but it might be a little hectic, since we're flying in that morning. On my wish list to visit are the American History Museum (part of the Smithsonian), as well as the Smithsonian's National Zoo-- I really want to see those Giant Pandas). But this trip is about hubby, and we will do what he wants. He allowed me the luxury of doing whatever I wanted to do in NYC, now it is his turn!

Hubby and I had a good talk at lunch yesterday. I asked him if he wanted me to tell his sisters and his dad about his cancer. He did, and he didn't think an e-mail would be so horrible, and it is so much easier for us than a phone call. I would be sobbing if I tried to talk, and nobody wants to hear that. I found out on my walk with my two sons while we were geocaching Thursday morning, that my middle son had already told my husband's youngest sister about hubby's cancer. I'm fairly certain she told her sister and probably her dad, so they might already know, although we haven't heard a word from any of them about it. I sat down late last night after hubby went to bed and wrote them all a joint e-mail. I apologized for telling them that way, but I said I thought it was for the best. I asked them to hold off on visiting until we have had a chance to come to grips with his diagnosis--will we ever do that? So it will be interesting to see if they have any response to the news. Hubby is already asking if they have said anything. So I guess I should have told them all a while ago. He really seems to be handling this better than me. What a rock he is.

My Computer Fix-It guy came back yesterday and worked on son's lapto9p computer some more. he is having trouble with our new router, it keeps kicking him off when he is in his railroad work system, which is how he figures out when and where he will be working. I had asked Fix-It guy the first time he was out, how much I owed him. He told me he was going to investigate son's problem more and come back and would let me know then. Yesterday, I paid him $30. Can you believe that? Most service people charge $100 just to come to your house. I will be calling him again. He got my problem fixed (I can now have my wireless printer on AND access the Internet at the same time) and also helped set up our new computer, and hopefully he got son's problem fixed. Son is out of town, working right now, so he will have to check when he gets home. I have a feeing the guy will come back if the problem is not fixed, and won't charge us anymore. We saw his sign in his yard on our walks--See--walking is good for more than just keeping the pu9nds off!!

I do feel like an idiot. I found the software disks for my camera program, as well as Photo
Shop, but do you think I can figure out where on this new computer to insert a CD? The brains of the computer are evidently all in the very thin but ginormous monitor, but I looked all over and see nowhere to insert a CD. I sure hope I don't have to buy anything to get these programs on my new computer. I'm sure my son will know where to put a CD. It really sucks to be so computer illiterate.

I have not yet made my 140's by Easter goal. Currently I'm weighing in at 152.4. I had that piece of cake last weekend at son & daughter-in-law's house and soared back up to 154.4. So frustrating--I worked so hard to get that weight off and then--one small piece of cake, and it's back. So I have been really good all week, I haven't been doing much snacking, and got back to 152, but don't know that I can get another two pounds off by tomorrow, especially since we're having pizza tonight. It's still unseasonably warm here, (high 60's yesterday), but I was so busy yesterday I never got a walk in, hopefully today I can take a few minutes if it dries off, and get out there for a nice walk because it's still pretty warm.

I'll try to blog tomorrow, and post some pictures of our Easter Egg hunt. Then it's off to D.C. Monday morning! I'm actually finally getting excited about this trip I think!
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    1806 days ago
  • CANNIE50
    I am really looking forward to hearing all about your trip, Pam. I am glad you and your husband dealt with telling his relatives because I know that was weighing on you. I am glad you had such a nice time with your sons - you must have needed that, for sure. I like your point about getting motivation wherever you can get it. Take care.
    1812 days ago
    Happy for you and yours.

    Popie ;-)
    1815 days ago
    Have a great Easter with the family. Enjoy those special times with your husband. Each of those times will mean a lot.
    1816 days ago
    Local computer gurus are great, aren't they? Ours has sometimes taken things in trade for working on our computer. On a laptop, I think the place to insert disks is on the side. Mine is on my right-hand side & there's a little rectangular button inset into the door (?) that you press & the door (?) pops open. Hope this information helps.
    1816 days ago
  • LINDAK25
    Enjoy your family and have a great Easter! Hope you have a wonderful trip. D. C. is really a terrific city to visit.
    1816 days ago
    I so hope you enjoy your weekend with the kids hunting eggs and then again on your trip with your hubby. You both deserve it!!! You are so brave!!
    1816 days ago
  • KERRYG155
    Have fun with the Easter egg hunt-I took my grandkids to church-the 10 yr old got to hunt eggs and then help other little ones dye eggs to take home while my 13 yr old helped hide the eggs for the hunt.

    Sound like you're doing pretty good with the food choices. I know you'll have fun on your trip plus you don't have to worry about breaking news to the family members now that they've been told by your son.
    1816 days ago
    1816 days ago
    You go girl with those chips! I, being a chips girl myself, know how hard they are! Remember, in DC, go to the Lake at Constitution Gardens. It's between the Washington Monument and Lincoln Memorial, and it is beautiful and peaceful...I think that you and hubby would love it and find it a beautiful place to relax while you're walking around the mall. It's one of our favorite places. We go and watch the ducks and geese there.
    1816 days ago

    Comment edited on: 3/30/2013 9:56:29 AM
    You now have more stress off your shoulders by having shared the diagnosis with DS's family. That should ease the tension. Now you can enjoy Easter and your trip. I think you are adjusting slowly and your body will respond. Have a joyous weekend and a wonderful trip. HUGS!
    1816 days ago
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