People trying to encourage me when I'm on the trail

Friday, March 29, 2013

I felt like throwing this out there just because this has become more frequent now that more people are on the trails.

So I'm about 235 lb. I literally just can't lose weight. I've been eating healthy, working out, doing strength training and I've lost 5 lb this year. That being said, I've gotten stronger and I can now run a little faster and a little longer.

This past week I've had a lot of people who think they are doing me favors, The perky marathon runner who comes by and screams, "Woo! You can do it!", "You've got this!" and the like, the old people who congratulate me for being able to run for an hour and everything in between.

I feel like I need to wear a shirt that says, Yes, I am fat, but no, I'm not out of shape.

Anyone else feel like they need to wear a shirt like that? It's a little uncomfortable sometimes because I'm out there and I'm doing a 13:23 pace and feeling like a rock star because I used to be @ 15 min mile just a month or two ago and when I have all these people come out and try and encourage me I feel incredibly out of place.

Today I did about 6 miles though. I'm excited for Sunday's 11 mile run. That will be my longest duration by about 1/4 of a mile.
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  • BILL60
    I'm one of those who encourages anyone who I come across, be they out of shape or in shape. I'm just happy to see them out there with me. They, often times, return the encouragement.
    1792 days ago
    Accept all of the positive energy that the world sends your way. Use it to remind you to pat yourself ont the back for what you have accomplished. As for not loosing weight, check out Sherry's inspirational blog series. She outlines some changes she made to her program that turned the corner on her trend.

    Enjoy your journey on the road to health.
    1793 days ago
    I would say that they are impressed by you.
    You are out there in charge of your journey and making it happen. That is impressive.
    Perspective is everything. emoticon

    1793 days ago
    Trying to Lose- That does suck! Sorry!

    Ale- Yeah, I guess I just get self conscious if I'm the only one they encourage because I know I don't look healthy. I work at a gym so I get that pretty often, one of the personal trainers always looks at me like he's disgusted. I don't eat cupcakes all day, I swear!

    Kbehnke- Thanks. :) I don't start to feel daunted by my runs until I have to do more than 7 miles at a time. I do it slow but at least I finish! I'm trying to keep under 14 minute mile for the longer runs now.

    You brought up a good point though, I can try encouraging them right back.

    1793 days ago
    Yes, I don't understand that either. I'm hesitant to say anything to people I know,let alone complete strangers.
    1793 days ago
    You're doing better that I am on the mileage. Keep it up.

    Don't be too hard on the people who are trying to encourage you. I'm guessing they mean well, especially if they see you sticking with it day in and day out, and may have been where you are at one time. How about if someone says something, give them a high five or thumbs up or even "you too!" I wonder if they wish someone would encourage them, too.

    Anyway, I'd say you ARE a rock star for trimming your time and logging those miles.
    1793 days ago
    At least they aren't doing you like people are doing me now!! I keep being told to stop because I've lost enough and I'm making them look bad!! Like my journey is all about them!
    1793 days ago
    I'm that way but I really like to be left alone in general (hence I'm an accountant by profession... haha). It may not be that you're out of place but it just may not be your personality type. I absolutely hate it when I go to my old gym and see my old trainer who tries to encourage as well... just leave me alone people! I prefer training alone and feel embarrassed when people seem to be watching me....
    1793 days ago
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