New Bike - Catrike 700 - my way to stay on Track

Friday, March 29, 2013

Last year, i kept in shape by riding a mountain bike excusively on road with knobby tires . . . . until I wore them down. I rode 5063 averaging a slow 14 mph and ended my riding year with a wreck on the day before Thanksgiving resulting in a broken left hand and loss of confidence in riding. Hence, my 'need' for a new ride. Over the winter, I got my exercise by riding inside on a stationary recumbent bike. The quality of the work out regimen was questionable and my eating habits "slipped". Net result 20 lbs of extra 'ballast'.

So I decided a recumbent tricycle - a Catrike 700 - would we my new ride. My tricycle has a name . . . "Black Dog"

Today was my first ride on "Black Dog"!

32.70 miles. 886 ft of climbing. 14.03 mph

My impressions from my initial ride.

1. Riding a Catrike 700 is a complete BLAST!
2. Everything is bigger when your rear end is 8 inches off the road. The winter here was long, but was not hard - the road kill squirrel was FAT. . .
3. I need to develop a good cadence! I 'mashed' for parts of my ride and my knees are letting me know!
4. Drivers gave the extra room when they passed me today. Are they assuming that I have a physical disability?
5. The 700 corners great at speed!
6. No sore rear end! My future rides on a non-recumbent bike will be limited.
7. It would be NUTS to ride a recumbent trike without bike shoes and cleats.

Once I develop proper cadence, I am sure that my speed will increase as I lose some winter 'ballast'.

So how will I be motivating my self to track food in April? I only get to ride my Catrike when I track what I eat. Otherwise, it is the mountain bike for my workouts!
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