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My plan (with revisions)

Friday, March 29, 2013

Hello! So this is one of those things you hear a lot around here, but I am going to give it that last little push to get to my goal and I start TODAY. NOW, in fact. Here are some things I am going to keep in mind for the next couple of months:

- A day where I slip up is just that: a minor slip-up. I don't have to work harder to counter-act what I ate, and I don't have to starve myself the next day, it just may make my next weigh in less than a pound higher than I expected. It may not even have an impact.

- I am not hungry unless I am stomach-hungry. If I am craving it, it is a mind-hunger and I should plan out a small amount of it in my next meal.

- Don't make a meal unless it included protein and veggies. This means no more having just a cup-o-noodle for lunch, or just a can of ravioli for dinner, but it means maybe having a serving or less incorporated into a larger meal.

-Stop stressing about money. That only makes me want to eat more and exercise less. It will all happen the way it will happen whether I stress about it or not. This only leads to more and more stress.

- Realize when I am satiated. If I have eaten enough calories throughout the day, I am probably fine and don't need to snack in the evening.

- Remember, indulging in a small amount of junk food, even if it's within range for the day, may breed more cravings for that type of food (sugary or fatty) so avoidance is best.

- Exercise Monday-Friday for half an hour. I know I don't always want to, but it always makes me feel better and happier in the end. So do it.

If I keep these things in mind, I should be 140 by my birthday at the latest. (9/3) Starting today at 168 and losing 2 lbs a week, I should make my goal by 7/6, which is just before I start my new semester. 160 by 4/26, 150 by 6/1. Having patience at the end of this journey is so much harder than when I started. When I started I though, well, I have such a long way to go and I will just be patient and I will have made my goal within a year. Now, 50 lbs lighter and over a year later, I am still telling myself to just be patient and adapt!!!

The interesting thing I have found is how EASY it is to fall back in to old habits, or just binge my face off with no self-control! It does get easier after a couple days of my new routine, partially because I love my veggies! But it seems like, sometimes, just relaxing and forgetting seems so much easier. It's interesting how that will triumph over happiness some days. "I'll be lazy, eat a lot, and be miserable about it" seems easier than "I'm not feeling like it, but I'll put in my 30 min, measure my food, eat the good stuff and be happy about, feel happier inside, and more satisfied with how I spent my day."

Now... why is that? How come being lazy will win over being happy some days?
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  • PKBOO3
    Love reading the goals you set. Great incentive for the rest of us. I've learned that I have to continue to track my meals, or I slip back into the old routine. I've also learned that I don't miss hamburgers as much as I thought I would. I haven't quit completely, but I've cut back a lot & don't even miss eating them that much. I still drink too many cokes though. Just have to keep on working at it.
    1514 days ago
    That sounds like a great plan, though I know how hard it can be to stick to goals like that perfectly. But as long as you follow it most of the time, you'll totally reach your goal by your birthday! :) LOL it's easier to be lazy and stuff face because that's what any animal would do when given the chance - bank calories and save energy in case it's needed later to escape a predator or find water or good shelter or fight over territory or whatever. Blame evolution - that's what I like to do! :)

    1520 days ago
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