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I'm really loving boot camp

Friday, March 29, 2013

Its never too late or too early to begin a healthy exercise regime. emoticon

I know there are easier ways to burn 800 calories but I have to admit to LOVING the boot camp way of doing it.

Yes its tough, but so rewarding and the beauty of it is that I dont compete with anyone other than myself. Each time I do a sit up, I try to add one or two more compared to the last time. In the beginning I had to walk the entire time, now I can run half way sometimes three quarter way around the rugby field....big improvement in my strength already.

The homeopath recommended I work out....turns out he was right. I cant wait to have all my tests done again because there is going to be such a different reading this time. He is away on his honeymoon for a month. He won't recognize me when I walk back into his office. He wont have seen me for 2 months and in this one month I have lost nearly 10kgs (22pounds)

On Monday the weight loss challenge lady will measure us again. Its been 4 weeks and there IS going to be a big change. I feel really well and thinner on the inside because of the raw food challenge I went on. Now I just have to match the outside to the inside. It's getting chilly at night now, and I'm not sure how the raw food eating works in winter, but for now I am still coping really well.

This will apply to me before the end of this year.

I still have no boot camp photos of my own because my son is away working and he is the only one prepared to get up at 5am. My sister would, but she's on the boot camp with me. I would hate her to miss out a session because she is doing photos, plus she really doesn't know much about cameras and early morning lighting. Nothing would come out clearly.
I will just have to be patient.

So it really is NO MORE EXCUSES for me.

I'm doing the work therefore it will reap results.

Today my friend gave me a twister thing called a FIGURE TRIMMER. You stand with your feet on it, bend your knees, then start twisting. Its a gut killer. Mind you it gets to my calves and hamstrings as well. Its wonderful and light weight which means I can move it around wherever I want it. Today so far I have used it while waiting for the kettle to boil, again while hanging on to the phone for a help line number and they really take their time and while boiling a large pot of water.
If I sneeze, my tummy aches so I won't make that mistake again. emoticon

I can't wait for weigh in on Monday. Its a funny thing that....when you are doing the right thing, you look forward to it. When you have cheated you dread it. Last week I won the crown again for the most weight lost. I shared it with my friend Carol who also lost 1.4kg (3 pounds). The photo's were taken on my sons camera which is away with him.....so nothing to show.

Hope you are all having a good weekend, and NOT OVER INDULGING.
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