Day 459 - M

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Well...ahem....IU is in the Sweet 16, playing tonight and whaddya one told them they need to play BALL!!!!!! They were getting the snot beat out of them by Syracuse. They finally WOKE up just before half time, but got real ugly!!! I'm sure not in a betting mood tonight. We'll see how this debacle shakes out..... Will report tomorrow for those of you who don't know what Hoosier Hysteria is all about.

The calf injury still hurts, could barely walk when I first got out of bed this morning, but as I walked on it more, it got better. I think it's going to take a few days before the swelling & pain to the touch goes away. It's better than it was yesterday though and Jetta & I did do a lot of cardio walking/hiking today. Including the big hill & several circuits in the woods, going way back, off the main trail into the more rugged terrain.

As for Jetta hitting my calf with her head as hard as possible and really hurting me....well, any dog trainer worth his/her salt will confirm that the primary, number one rule of dog training is: NEVER, EVER HIT THE DOG. There is never any justification for striking a dog - ever. The hand is for praise ONLY. It is definitely true that dog training demands self-control and patience at all times. Moreover, it requires careful planning & forethought and an understanding of canine psychology and pack behavior. When dog abuse is observed, the person is only in a reaction mode and has no logical training plan. Sadly, we've all seen this kind of display Wallahalla - during my many years as a professional trainer I saw it far too often. I carefully & tactfully stopped the people who tended to do this and showed them that there is a far better, more humane, insightful & successful way to approach dog training. Every one of them amended their ways. All happy endings.

This is funny....but my lifetime dog injuries are NOTHING compared to the injuries horses have inflicted on me!! Oh my!!! Let's just say my spleen is missing and the reason is equine! I always reasoned that at least dogs couldn't KILL me, but horses could do that in the blink of an eye and nearly did. I still loved them for over 20 years while I had them.

The weather was really great today. It's supposed to be even nicer tomorrow. It was so nice to be out in the sun without a coat!!

Hope your Thursday was wonderful and hope you got out to enjoy this weather that has been so overdue. A big thanks for stopping by today if you had time. emoticon

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    I had to have knee surgery once due to a dog hit :/ I feel your pain ~HUGS Hope you be better real emoticon soon
    1789 days ago
    Cats that's the answer they know they rule the roost and don't play abut to let you know it!!! :)

    Country Living Team

    1789 days ago
    Oh, I wish I had known you then. I have an absolutely out of control Boston Terrier who "plays' by biting at my 75 year old sisters heels when she goes through a door, jumps on us, and wants to put all of her toys on our feet and then scratch at them (and therefore our feet as well). I have tried reward systems, hand signals, leashing, and repeating commands and waiting until I could pull my hair out. She's a rescue and went through horrible abuse as a pup...but I thought with attention she'd grow out of the wild antics...some days she's great, and then she gets a wild hair....augh. But...we just keep working with her and try to keep her as calm as possible.
    Heal soon and keep loving the little Jetta. She needs you!!!
    1789 days ago
    We have six dogs. I think my DH is a bit of an animal hoarder!
    1789 days ago
    1789 days ago
    Awwww, glad to hear that your calf is somewhat better.

    Oh my! That must have been some horse injury! I am always wary of ANY animal that is bigger than me (and @ 4 ft. 10.5 inches, that's not too hard to come by! LOL)

    HUGS and Happy Easter.
    1790 days ago
    So glad your calf is feeling better and that you switched to a smaller animal that can do a little less damage. I know lots of people who could use a good dog trainer. Have a great Easter weekend!
    1790 days ago
    Finally we had a day nice enough to walk outside. Got 10 miles in today! emoticon
    1790 days ago
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