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New Computer!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Son and I decided to split the cost of a new desktop computer, that we saw out at Sam's Club last week, an HP Pavilion. It has this ginormous (23") monitor and of course lots more memory. I got a new wireless printer and we got a new router about a month ago, and for some reason when I turned the printer on, it kicked the old computer off-line. So we had a fix-your-computer guy out today and he got us up and running with the new computer, which we had literally just taken out of the box. Of course now I have to re-enter all my passwords into everything (Spark, Facebook, e-mail, etc.), and will have to download my camera software program and my Photo Shop programs into it, but we'll get it done. I'm having trouble with this new keyboard. I don't think it likes my super long fingernails cause I keep typing the wrong letters. Oh well--that's what spell check is for, right? RIGHT!

They have this broccoli salad out at Sam's, that son and I love, even though neither of us is all that fond of broccoli. I've found a recipe for it on Pinterest, and planned to make it, but it sure is easy to pick it up all pre-made when you're out there buying a computer. However, it might be higher caloried too. It has a creamy dressing on it, and sunflower seeds and raisins. Delicious. We had it for lunch. I'm thinking I would tweak it, by using a low-fat mayo in the dressing, maybe some fat-free yogurt mixed with it? And I would prefer other nuts to the sunflower seeds, maybe walnuts or almonds. I might even add some shredded carrots. I made a low-fat brownie mix last night with a can of Diet Coke. Those brownies are sure moist and tasty! I try not to do that too often, because even at 100 calories/brownie, I have a hard time limiting myself to just ONE VERY SMALL brownie! I laughed last night when I offered a brownie sundae to son and hubby after dinner. I said, "You know one of those brownie sundaes that I used to eat all the time, that led me to gain one pound every day?!" That is what Joy Bauer implied when I was inducted into her Fit Club on the Today Show. Admittedly, I would eat a brownie sundae occasionally, but not every day and had I been gaining a pound a day for 30 years, I would have weighed well over a ton. So that was a bit of hyperbole for TV. I did fix them each a brownie sundae with ice cream and chocolate syrup. But I just had a small brownie with a little low-fat whipped cream on it. That whipped cream is surprisingly low calorie, only 5 calories for 2 tablespoons. It sure made that brownie extra good!

Middle son, who is a geocaching fanatic, invited youngest son and I to go with him today on a geocache hunt. We drove out to Wilderness Park, it is a very undeveloped park around the city's west and south edges, and runs for acres. It does have primitive bike, horse and hiking trails. We started out on a hiking trail, then got on the bike trail. it was about a 3-mile round trip to find his geocache, but what a beautiful morning for a walk with my boys! I loved it. So did Lola!!

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