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Thursday, March 28, 2013

I know this tip does not involve exercise or nutrition, but I figure it can be a tiny bit helpful stress wise!!! emoticon


In a spray bottle mix one teaspoon of dish liquid (I love Dawn) with Hydrogen Peroxide - this is the same ingredient in OxyClean products. Spray this on your carpet stains, leave it set for a few minutes then blot with a paper towel. It seems to work pretty well, and it's cheap!!!! Also it seems to work on clothes -- the other day I spilled some chocolate on my white Aeropostle sweats (God forbid, I can not have a stain on my Aero clothing..LOL!) and I sprayed this mixture on the chocolate and it came out immediately! I don't know how well it would work on old stains but it's worth a try!!

Another trick to get the odor from your beloved dog's little accident on the carpet - in a spray bottle mix half water and half white vinegar and spray on the urine stain, scrub it with a cloth or a hard brush. The vinegar works well with getting the urine smell out. Then, use the above peroxide mixture to remove the stain.

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Years ago when my oldest son was a baby, I used plastic reusable sterile water-filled ice cubes in his sippie cups to keep his juice, or whatever was in it, nice and cold. This was really handy when we went somewhere; I knew his beverage wouldn't get all warm and yicky, his drink would not get diluted and plus the plastic cubes entertained him when he drank from his cup..nice and colorful little shapes floating around! I could never find them again after that until I was in the Dollar Tree a few weeks ago. Lo and behold in the kitchen gadget section, I found them! I got a few packages of them and use them constantly instead of ice cubes in my flavored water, tea, or soda. Your drink stays cold without being diluted, and they work especially well in an insulated cup (like the ones you get at Sheetz for coffee refills) - just freeze them, use them, rinse them off after you're done with them, and re-freeze them again! It's just a simple little luxury for me not to have my flavored drink all watery and diluted!!

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I found a couple of cool apps for my new Android phone that I thought may be worth sharing with you. There are so many fitness apps available it's hard to determine which one to use, but these 2 apps, I have found, to be very simple to use, handy, and best of all, free!


This cool little app syncs your own music with the Beats Per Minute (BPM) that you wish to do. If you want to jog, run or walk, just set the app with what you want to accomplish, plug your ear buds in and it will automatically play your music with the BPM desired. It even has the option to do Intervals - slower pace, then faster, and well, you get the picture! It's simple to use and is a high motivator and to automatically get the BPM just keeps you going - and it also keeps track of your progress.

Runtastic Pedometer

Last night I downloaded an app called Runtastic Pedometer....I have not used it yet, but after reading reviews from other users I think it will come in handy. It works like any other pedometer; it tracks your daily steps; you can have your phone in your pocket or even your purse, and it will track. You can also program in what your goals are. Some of the users said it was not completely accurate all the time, but if it will at least track close to the actual number of steps I take, then it's worth it to me. You can set your goal on it and go and you can also sync your progress with the app Runtastic. I have this app also but have not actually used that one yet, but I thought this was worth mentioning anyhow. I will be sure and keep you updated once I actually use the apps..LOL!

Any of you who use fitness apps worth talking about -- please share with us!!

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