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Easter Weekend!

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Good Morning Sparklers :)

Decided I'd check in here quickly before my work day begins. I haven't been around most of the week (sorry) as my boyfriend is on his week off and when my work day is done he sucks up my time lol, just joking... I value every minute we spend together. We have a lot of fun.

Today is his birthday, he is miserable about it. Hates his birthday (unlike me). Tonight I will take him for supper and since tomorrow is a holiday we are trying to find something fun to do. He's a homebody to the fullest extent and can't figure out how he would like to spend his day, other than watching movies on the couch which is what we've been doing pretty much every night for the last 6 years lol.

This week has been full of let downs - doesn't look like I will be able to buy a house this year, which is why I am currently living with my mother in law (to save up a down payment). Kind of feels like it was all for nothing at this point and I was oh so proud of us - now I'm at a roadblock. Oh well, next year. We have a few options still - very limited ones, but they are still options. Hoping that today we can find some answers and see if we may actually be able to own something this year. Fingers crossed!

I've been eating well all week but my downfall has been not tracking. I'm still up on my weight and I was feeling quite light this morning so it was a huge disappointment when I weighed in this morning. That's okay, I think I will just blame it on PMS and being bloated - good odds are that does have something to do with it, but also I am seriously lacking in exercise. This weekend will be hard, no doubt, with all of the Easter celebrations going on, but next week I will hit the pool again with full force and I know I will have a better week.

I hope you are all having a great end to your week and hope you all get in some rest, relaxation and plenty of family time this weekend. That reminds me - once a couple years ago someone told me that I shouldn't wish "strangers" good family times because I just don't know if said "stranger" has a family or not. I just want to add to this - even if you don't have family around... even if no one shares your blood/DNA or if your closest relatives are an ocean away, or if your actual family is too cool for you...remember this weekend that your family is your choice. Treat your friends as if they are your family, and treat your family like you wouldn't be possible without them. You will be a richer person at the end of the day if you realize the importance of family, whether they are your blood or not.

Have a great Easter weekend to all who celebrate it, and also to those who don't. I will check in hopefully in the next couple days.
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  • MINEA999
    I hear your pain - living in Victoria where we have some of the highest real estate in the country, I know how it feels. Even the average 3 bedroom 1940s lame old house here is $500,000+.

    I owned a condo since before the massive boom and it's the only reason I was able to move up a little to a townhouse. Even still, it's not in my ideal neighbourhood and it's not as big as I would have liked - but it's what I could afford with one salary and the down payment i had.

    Be patient - it will come in time. I'm quite convinced that things will go down over the next few years (I just couldn't wait, so I bought something I could live in for at least 10 years! haha).

    In the meantime - track track track! And get fit because you're going to have a ton of home renos to do when you DO buy! hehe

    1819 days ago
    Hey chica!

    I know it sucks about the house, but I agree with the previous post--there are reasons for everything! My hubbie and I are almost 30 and also don't have our own house. It's so hard to live in a place that belongs to someone else. But I feel like I will be an expert at picking out our house when that time comes, especially after hearing all of my homeowner friends talk about their horror stories! Sometimes it makes me glad we rent!

    You're doing great so far! I'm glad you're so determined :-) It makes me feel inspired to get up and going too.

    I also want to tell you how much I love that you talk about things other than weightloss in your blogs. Not that SP isn't a place to do that, but weightloss is just PART of one's life and sometimes I feel like I never really know who people are when that's all they talk about. You're a breath of fresh air!

    I hope you have a wonderful holiday if I don't talk to you before Sunday!


    P.S. The Dead Files!
    1820 days ago
  • ALIALI2013
    Don't worry about the house situation, that only means there's something even better out there for you, but you'll get it, the house I mean. There is one house out there that is just waiting for the right time, so ALWAYS take that negative and push it into a positive. Who knows, the one you were thinking about may have had a hidden problem, a major one, we never know the reasons, but there is one out there. :)

    Tracking the food, I guess, comes easy for me because I always sit down before I eat and do it. If I were to wait until after, I'd be up the creek without a paddle. It reminds me of what I should be eating (how much, not what, change that), and it also delays my diving into the food. The tracking helps me think about what I'm eating, etc and I love that. Sometimes my meal isn't at the exact same time as everyone elses (started at the same time), but I do end up with supper time with those who are here.

    I love your attitude about family, and it hits the nail on the head. Family IS more than blood, it's friends who stand by you too. I hope you have a beautiful weekend, and don't worry about the no loss, you still move forward without regret. :)

    Have a WONDERFUL Easter weekend!! emoticon
    1821 days ago
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