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Thursday, March 28, 2013

Okay, close your eyes and imagine with me, that due to some weird cosmic accident for one year all foods had absolutely no calories and no matter how much you ate, you would not gain any weight nor would you loose any either. For one year, you'd stay on your present weight no matter what.

The JABBA part in me starts getting all excited about this thought. It starts salivating, wanting to run to the pantry straight away and starting gobbling down all them things I've avoided eating or eaten in a very controlled way because well, they would make me gain weight and undo all the progress of the last 3 months... at least if not consumed in moderation.
That JABBA part in me thinks, "ou well... if I can't loose any weight in the next year I'd rather stuff myself, dang, I can't gain weight neither... yay."

Well, there is one thing though I neglected to tell you about this cosmic accident: it'd only change the calories, nothing else... sugar would still decay your teeth, cholesterol would still continue to be bad for you (you know, that bad cholesterol, not the good one), fat would still clog your blood vessels, coke would still harm your tummy... you get the picture. Bad things would still be bad for you, and good things good, the only difference was that you'd neither loose nor gain weight within one year.

So what would you do??? What would I do??? Many of the things I eat or the things I do, I do for the purpose of loosing weight. Would I still do them if nothing visible happened??? Or just think "Hang it, I don't care!!"

I always thought I eat rather healthy but is it just to loose it??? Would I still choose the healthy home cooked meal over my favourite take out Doner Kebab or greasy hamburger??? Would I go on doing what I'm doing now?? Would I get up daily to do my exercise at 6am in the morning 5 days a week???

I'm just thinking out loud here as I write... I don't want my life to just be about loosing THE weight, I want balance. I want to BE healthy. I want to BE fit. I also want to enjoy some fish and chips now and then. I loath binging, not only because of all those calories consumed, but because of the hold it has on me, on my life. I don't LIKE stuffing myself, it really hurts my tummy, yet at one of those JABBA moments, I just can't stop, no matter what.

What are my motivations to live a healthier life??? Is it really just about loosing it??? Actually it isn't. And it is good to know that this journey really isn't only about loosing weight but about so much more. I'm not totally there yet, maybe I will struggle with the desire to binge and stuff myself for the rest of my life, who knows, yet I know that loosing weight isn't the sole purpose of this journey. It gives me hope to press on when I feel down and out... or the scales doesn't tell me what I want to hear. I wanna make good food choices because it is GOOD and needed for my body, not only because it helps me loose weight. I reckon that's why I don't like artificial sweeteners either (okay, I still drink diet coke.. hem, hem).

So, I hope that I would continue eating healthy if this weird cosmic accident was to happen. I reckon I'd blow it now and then, but hopefully I'd get back on track remembering how good it is for my body to eat whole foods, cooked in a healthy way, lots of fruit and veg, milk produce and the like, no matter that I wouldn't gain or loose any weight.

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    1789 days ago
    I have to say, that quadruple cheeseburger thing was gross!!!!
    1789 days ago
  • RDEE22
    Good Blog again. I nearly grabbed the fish and chips off your page. After all it is Good Friday tomorrow....... that's my excuse.
    emoticon Have a good Easter.
    1790 days ago
    great blog. It also made me think which is great. I keep on saying it is a journey towards a better lifestyle.
    1790 days ago
    Wow! You really made me think... about a lot of things... but mostly about why we are obsessed with the number on the scales rather than the numbers in our blood tests, blood pressure tests, etc. We are so lucky that we have such a huge range of good, yummy foods that we can enjoy. And, thanks to you, I am going to appreciate these more and acknowledge that the "junk" foods are not just "junk" but in many ways they are poisons to our bodies and the healthy lives we want.

    Thank you for giving me this reality check! And best wishes for your healthy journey!

    emoticon emoticon emoticon emoticon
    1790 days ago
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