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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Change. What a word that is right? I think we all get on here to start changing. To change our weight, to change our preception of ourselves. We are looking for change. Something different, something out of our normal range.
This week I've noticed so many blogs where people are changing, they are discovering new things and are excited about them. Heck even me this week. Not all changes are good, but they in fact still changes. Heck some changes are amazing and exciting and you just can't wait to tell the first person you run into.
I think this week I've fallen into good change and unknown scary change. I look back to where I was over a year ago when I decided it was time to change and I think who was that person. I've lost about 30 pounds since I started, do I wish I was further along? Oh yeah for sure, but there was set backs, stumbles, almost cliff dives but I kept coming back. I haven't given up and I think that's one of my big changes. I'm fighting for me. When I first started this, missing a day at the gym would have meant self hating and binging on whatever I could find. Now I get upset about not going to the gym, but for a whole different reason. I like being there, I like the me time, the venting of life that I do there.
I changed how I thought about the gym, instead of a punishment for not eating correctly I had to think about it being a reward, a gift. It's something I'm lucky I get to do, that I have the support to do.
I've changed my eating habits, sure there is room for improvement I think most people have room for improvement.
Recently, I was thinking about all the changes, and alot of them are mental. I don't think anyone really realizes when they start this journey how mental it all is. When you legs fell like they are going to give up, it's your brain that's screaming at you, do you listen or do you push a little hard for a little longer? That's mental, how we see ourselves, that's mental. How we think others see us, that's mental. I'm surprised how when I got a little confidence how many people seem to talk to me now. Do I really think the weight had anything to do with it? Maybe for a few people, but I think it's mostly me. I see me as pretty awesome and that shows.
I think I'm about to make another change and hopefully this is for the better. I've been with my gym since I started all this, but lately the classes are way to full, the machines are always broken and it's becoming dirty. I went last night and checked out another gym, it's mor expensive but it's gorgeous. I went at my normal gym time last night the classes had plenty of space and there were tons of machines open and working. There were almost two hundred cars in the parking lots but there were still plenty of machines to work on.
The locker room is incredible, compared to my current gym it's a manison, it had free towels and lockers. There are hair dryers and vanities all over the place. It has a digital scale and a swim suit dryer. There were tons of things in the lockeroom.
I fell in love I think, but I went back this morning bright and early to see how it is at another time I would be likely to go, still plenty of room. Heck I ran this morning, did the ellpitcal and showered, hair dryed and did make-up all before leaving for work. It's sort of an awesome feeling.
I think I'm changing my gym, I feel terrible and aweful for it, but maybe it's best for me. Maybe it's time to up my game a bit, start getting some results. Oh did I mention when I sign up I'd get three personal trainer visits, a sort of blood work up so the trainers can see if I have any health problems I don't know about. That's sort of cool, and it has a spa and cafe all on grounds. Not that I need those things but it is cool.
So I might be taking the leap and making a change to a new gym. I'm also changing some other things but I'll write about those some other time. What changes have you done or are seeing?
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    I totally agree with you about a lot of the challenge with losing weight is mental. I have been working hard on a running program and yesterday was my first 3 min non stop run. Now I can run this just fine but I had the cold wind in my face, the sun in my eyes, and just wasn't feeling it. I forced myself to keep puching because of the mental game. I had to tell myself I can do this and I can keep running. My legs WILL NOT give out. After battling back and forth with myself my phone *dinged* and the 1.5min. walk started. I was so happy I forced myself to keep pushing.

    Change is so hard and you have to really want it to make it happen. I know I want to change today but an hour from now at lunch will be a struggle. Thank you for this post. It's exactly what I needed to read this morning.
    1668 days ago
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