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Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Heh. Very accurate. Except I'm not in black and white. (sorry for the tilty photos! I did rotate them, and then they unrotated themselves like jerks. Bah.)

It was weird swimming last night - I was kind of slow and lazy at first. I think in a way I didn't want to finish my challenge! It's been such a driving force for me to go exercise even when I didn't feel like it, and to not make excuses about being busy, so maybe I was sad to not have that anymore.

Then when I had ~4 laps left, I started thinking about what it would be like if I really WAS swimming the English Channel... 4 laps, ~400 feet, I'd be in the surf! Able to see the shore, and the people waiting. FUN! So I swam my last 4 laps faster, and I totally jumped up and down when I was done.

I thought about swimming a little more just because I could, but then decided I wanted my end of challenge to be the end of that workout, so I stopped there. Plus it was 8pm and I hadn't had dinner yet!

The gym was good this morning. I did my physical therapy exercises, minus two I can't do because they don't have the right equipment. I think 6/8 isn't bad, though. I also did a bunch of upper body stuff. I need to start keeping a training log again so I can push myself to increase weights. I was better about that when I was keeping the NROL (New Rules of Lifting) training logs.

I also need to take a photo at the gym - something about the giant mirrors and gym clothes, I think is helping me see how my shape has changed, even more than I see in mirrors at home. Wish I had a gym clothes "before"!

I was totally digging myself today. Even with stupid hair, in gym clothes, even with the "still needs work" areas I can obviously see, I was just like... Hey. I am looking good. GOOD! Hey! I was totally grooving, dancing to Taylor Swift during my rest between sets like the gigantic dork that I am. Ha ha.

This is an especially nice NSV, because the scale is back up a teeny bit. I dropped down as far as 248 something, I think, and I'm back up to 250.1. WHO CARES? I still lost 50 pounds, officially, and if I stick right around 248-250 for a bit that is TOTALLY FINE.

Even though I didn't get to do my scale dance this morning, I was still totally feeling awesome and checking myself out. Hahaha.

I reset my goal a while back - it's still 180, I just reset the date based on the fact that I was running "behind" my original goal of 2 pounds a week starting at the end of June 2012. I just hate seeing my weight line constantly below the yellow "goal" line with no hope of catching up, so I reset it as whatever day I weighed 255 as my "start" date, so there's a new yellow line. Even if I stick at 250 for a week or so, I'm still below the line, so I'm "on schedule". It's a weird psychological thing but it helps.

Things are good. This week is good. Last week was pretty good. It's all going like it should. Not "perfect" but good feels like normal.
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