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Sometimes I Can Be An Idiot.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

It's lunch time. For those of you not on Eastern Standard time, it's 10:30 am. As a teacher you're given a 40 minute period anywhere from 10am to 1:30 pm as your lunch and mine is this early. The explanation is really just a disclaimer because I don't want anyone to get the impression that I am a teacher not doing her job right now.

But here's the thing: I am in SUCH a bad mood right now.

Blogging is my therapy for the time being, so bare with me. I can finally attribute my poor mood to a little bit of my hormones, but also my week. As the kids get closer to spring break and eventually graduation it is literally like pulling teeth - stubborn and painful. I feel like my job is slowly becoming a court hearing full of accusations, denials, witnesses, negotiations - it's ridiculous! And I'm letting it affect me emotionally. That's not all. So I'm vent listing:

1.) My co-teacher has been out for a total of 25 days this year (she just doesn't like to come to work) and so i'm doing the job of two people in classes with autism. when she does come to work she is killing the classroom vibe. And so I am becoming more and more aggravated...

2.) My new supervisor can't make up her mind. She's so overly democratic that if you speak to her about something in the morning and three more people talk to her later, changing the original directive, she changes it. I would be better off mind reading or never starting anything she asks for because it never stays the same.

3.) My AP kids are in denial. They think they deserve high grades without any effort and the complaining is horrendous!

4.) My seniors are delusional. They have decided not submitting work results in the arbitrary failing grade, not that they earned it.

(My freshmen are good. I feel like I should point that out.)

... And the list goes on. But guess what? I'm actually feeling better. I think frantically typing it all out and realizing that I am responding / reacting to things I can not control is absurd. My stress should not directly correlate to other people's thoughts and actions.

Sometimes i can be an idiot.

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