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Wednesday, March 27, 2013

I have been absent for several weeks. My health took an very unexpected turn, and I now am on Oxygen all the time! It has left me very depressed for so many reasons. I am stuck on a 100 ft. oxygen tube for the distance I can go anywhere in home (my home is much bigger than this! I no longer can be near the stove or oven due to my increased risk of catching myself on fire. That leaves my son and husband having to always cook now. I still can cut up things, mix things, but nothing near a source of heat. I would not mind, but neither my husband or son like to cook like I do, and my husband refuses to follow my directions on how to cook certain things... he has his own idea of how to cook things and will not follow my directions or even a recipe! My son just does not want to cook! His extent is to put things in the oven for me and hope my husband will take them out when they are done! Forget cooking anything on the stove top! As a result of all the sudden changes, my depression, and in general losing my motivation, I am sure I have picked up some weight now over the past 2-3 weeks. I plan to weigh tomorrow and try and get back on track some. I hoping it will not be too bad that I just want to give up! But I really need to stay online here and get myself back on track! I do have a Physical Therapist coming in to home twice a week, so I am hoping that will help me get back some energy to be able to exercise. They have told me to just pace myself and quit before I become tired. No one has yet figured out why I suddenly have a need for oxygen all the time, but without it I am very short of breath anymore. My endurance is terrible. Though they did an X-Ray, it was unable to even give them any clue what happened. All anyone knows is without the oxygen, my oxygen saturation drops to 70's to mid 80%. A normal is above 90%! I am at the point they are probably going to be sending me to a Pulmonalogist to figure out my problem. Though first I have to see a Dermatologist for a Biopsy of a Rash that the Doctor has no idea of the cause, but it is continuing to get worse, and spreading, which is what they had Home Health come in to help with to begin with. All I know is it is very itchy and hurts a lot whether I am sitting up or laying down. Everyone thought at first it was Shingles, but then the Doctor determined it was not because I had the Shingles Shot and the Rash does not follow the pattern of a Shingles Rash. Also I have had this same Rash 2 yeas ago, and they never did figure out what it was, and it took a week of hospitalization on IV antibiotics and weeks of oral antibiotics before they cleared it up. I am just ready to be well and get rid of this oxygen!!!

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LINDAF49 4/2/2013 9:18PM

    i like the crock pot idea...should help with hot things and how about entering the world of smoothies...I have been enjoying them so much the last couple weeks ...good nutrition, good tasting and no heat required... will be even better whith summer comin gon. And yes, let DH learn o cook his way as long as it is withen nutritional needs for you. The plainer and more simple fruit, veggie protein the better and easier to cook. Be strong and of Good courage and keep talking with us... also might have a girl friend come in and do a cook time with you for some very favorites and put them in the freezer for the days when DH cooking just doesn;t get it!

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SAMMIESMOM13 3/31/2013 12:04PM

    I will be praying for you. The crockpot and microwave could be your big answer here. Crockpot can make many, many things, even "cakes" which are absolutely delicious. Have DH or a friend go to the library and check out several crockpot and microwave books for you. When microwaves first came out they said you couldn't make cakes or brownies in them. So it was a challenge. You can make excellent, moist cakes, etc. in them. If I had no stove or oven I could get along fine with just those 2 items. You can make anything in them other than fried food, which isn't good for you anyway.
As to your DH, perhaps he is going thru the "new wife/bride" stage!! LOL. He perhaps needs to learn for himself how to do these things. Let him learn, experiment, etc. He may find if he learns by doing rather than by being told he actually likes to cook. You never know. You just take over that microwave and crockpot and let him go ahead and learn! I know this is going to be a hard road for you, but if you can look at it from a positive rather than a negative it will help. See it as a way to learn some new things, take life slow, don't stress over how DH cooks, and just get well.
Many prayers for you. God bless.

PS. Please keep us updated.

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    I hope that your health improves and you are able to get through this. I hope that your conditions are temporary and that the physical therapy and other steps you are taking help you to get on the road to recovery. Hugs to you and very best wishes.

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JAXMOMMY 3/29/2013 3:30PM

    Oh Lily! So sorry! I don't know first hand how depressing this is all for you, but I know from my mom's experience how the need for oxygen all the time was so frustrating. At least my dad enjoys cooking. I hope there is some answers and then improvements soon. Whenever you need help, just blog! This is such a encouraging and caring community! Keeping you in my thoughts. Feel better soon! ~Melissa (Diabetes Complications)

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CARRAND 3/28/2013 7:22PM


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IOWAGRAMMA 3/28/2013 7:16PM

    So sorry to hear about all your troubles. Just want you to know I'm thinking about you and keeping you in my prayers! Best to you!!! Love, Jeannie

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JILL313 3/28/2013 2:48PM

    I'm so glad you've received so many helpful and supportive replies back to your Blog. I love to cook with my crockpot and I think it's doable for you. Like others have suggested prepare your dinner beforehand and have your DH or son put them in & out of the Oven I have 2 grown sons that live with me and I sure understand how they wouldn't welcome having to cook all our meals plus I enjoy cooking and love watching my family enjoy eating them. Is there an online support group you could go to when you need extra support.? However we're always supporting you in any way we can. I'll be praying that soon they'll find out why your oxygen level is so low and figure out what's causing it is so they can treat you and the oxygen won't be needed and the rash gone. Hang in there my friend and God is always by your side. . .Take one day at a time and write down 3 positive or healthy things you did at the end of your day. If you're able to do some sit down easy exercises I highly recommend you try the Chair Exercise Team. Just click on their Team icon and there are many short chair exercises there, maybe some you'll be slowly be able to do. Letting out and sharing your feelings with others about what you're going through is good RX for you. . .God Bless You.

Hugs & Love,


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BELDONDOG1 3/27/2013 11:49PM

    I am so sorry that you are going through this. I do agree with the microwave or crockpot idea. I also agree with Lynn. If your DH and DS want to eat, then they will have to do it the way you want or let them make their own.
You will get back on track. You are a strong woman and I know when we are knocked down as far as you have been , we really feel defeated. But you will win this fight. Just love yourself a little more and hopefully you will be a lot better.

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5FOOTRUNT 3/27/2013 6:16PM

    You are certainly in a rock and hard place right now. I do hope they find out what's going on with you and give you the treatment you need. You are so worth it !

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JAZZYGF 3/27/2013 2:56PM

    wow here is a hug from ohio
depression is my name and struggling daily
Have you used crock pots. Put meat potatoes carrots add water then a meal
chicken barbecue sauce some water a meal.
liver yes cook put in croockpot water a meal
hamburgers fry stick in crockpot tomato sauce a meal. left overs for all this heat in microwave and its a meal

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TEXASLYNN 3/27/2013 1:53PM

    Wow, you do have a tough row to hoe at the moment. Old Lynn is about to give you some tough love though, bless your heart. Your only responsibility right now is to yourself. If your husband and son want to eat, let them worry about cooking and cleaning up after themselves. Sounds to me as though you need to take a complete kitchen vacation, get Lean Cuisines for yourself along with fruits and veggies you can eat raw or with minimum prep involved. It sounds as though you are a very sweet and accommodating lady who has raised a couple of lazy louts so honey let them stew for themselves awhile.

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BOHEMIANCAT 3/27/2013 1:07PM

    My prayers are with you.

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AWESOMECHELZ 3/27/2013 11:03AM

    I have never had the severe problem with the oxygen like you have even though I have asthma. I can give you my prayers for peace within your soul and for your doctors to be blessed in finding out what's wrong and to help you. emoticon emoticon

As far as the cooking, why don't you just enjoy having people who love you cook for you? I have multiple sclerosis and I would love it if someone cooked for me. emoticon They are able to give you a gift right now and I would just enjoy it. You may be surprised about some delicious things coming your way. emoticon emoticon

Love, Chelsea emoticon emoticon

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GCHUNG 3/27/2013 9:10AM

    Do you have a support group outside your husband and son locally? For a cooking if you can do all the preparation and put it in the fridge so they just have to pop it in the oven that may help all around. I know it limits your cooking but does split the cooking across others. Hope they figure out what is causing this ailment.

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SUSANSLIFE 3/27/2013 8:59AM

    What a bummer! You have been hit with a low blow, but I am very optimistic that you will win out. It is always amazing to me how there are so many things that doctors still do not know about and therefore can't treat very successfully.

You are on the road to recovery from some of these issues which are plaguing you. Gosh, you have returned to spark and have blogged about your oxygen need and the Rash. As one sparker said to me, here is the place where you never have to go it alone, and you know that already!

For many years I have prayed that God would lift my obsession with food -- He didn't. Then I prayed for Him to take away the good taste of food, so it would be somewhat vile in my mouth! He didn't. Food is such a lovely experience in life, and I know it has saved me many a time from giving in to my depression and taking drastic actions. Perhaps you might think of the food your DH and DS give to you as a little assist which your higher power has sent to you at this time? Maybe eating less desirable cooking right now is a way that your HP is telling you that you don't need as much sustenance as when you were able to be more actuive. Maybe in the long run you could think of bad cooking as a bit of a blessing, that you cannot overeat when it doesn't taste delicious.

Each day when you have some time and need to rest a bit, maybe you'll consider closing your eyes and quietly go to that place in your brain that is very private and where no one can intrude. While quietly looking around inside that place, maybe you'll see what a blessing you are to others and how many good things you have learned about yourself in this journey to a healthier you. Maybe you'll look on your oxygen as a "friend" which helps you to feel better and not struggle for breath. And maybe you'll see that life is new every day and one of these days your need for oxygen will decline and your Rash will begin to improve. Picture in that place that there is a cabinet and when you open the door, you see a round metal wheel which when turned, causes gears to move. The mechanism can be turned counterclockwise and with each small turn, there is a measure of increased comfort and calmness. Stay in that place until you feel it is okay to come back to your real world.

emoticon emoticon emoticon

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MSANITAL 3/27/2013 8:47AM

    I am sorry that your going with through this and I do hope they find out what is going on fast, and a reason for the rash and the low O2 ... Your not giving up, you are here reaching out, and asking for help that is a sign of strenght and determination.. and you have it.. take it slow.. and keep the faith that it will all turn around..

Could your rash be mersa? I know that is a huge thing going around.. and it spreads fast.. Hope you feel better soon. Saying a prayer.

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NELLJONES 3/27/2013 8:24AM

    You can use a microwave. Microwave ovens were invented for the blind because it was unsafe for them to be near possible sources of ignition.

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SONGBIRDPAULA 3/27/2013 7:40AM

    emoticon emoticon Good morning from a chilly DFW area of Texas!

I'm so sorry about all of these things happening unexpectedly. I know that it must really be a blow physically as well as mentally. I'm so very sure that you are feeling down about all of it, but, try to keep looking up. If you are feeling better physically in regards to your breathing, even though you have to have extra oxygen and all of it's equipment to follow you around, sometimes we can't see it, but things could be worse. You are still able to be on the Spark and we are all supporting you and praying for you. Please read my spark page about all of my disabilities. Sometimes when we feel that we are not all alone in our troubles, it makes the journey easier. You can do it! I just know that you will "arrive" at your destination of where you need and want to be. I will keep you on my prayer list and also will include your DH and DS that they can be the support that you need. emoticon

Have a blessed day and wonderful journey to the new you!

Paula emoticon

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GEORGIA_KAY 3/27/2013 6:40AM

    Oh honey, what a terrible blow you've been given. I wish I could say something to cheer you up cause my heart sure goes out to you. As far as cooking goes, maybe you could use an electric skillet? I know the tank has to be kept at least 5 feet away from it while you're using it, but ask your doctor if it can be done that way. I sure do sympathise with you on your son and husband not being of much help in the kitchen. I know my sons and husband would, help out, but none of them are used to cooking all the time and would soon grow weary of it too.

I'll be praying that your needing this oxygen is just a temporary thing, and that you won't need it once you get some more weight off. Please, and I know it must be so hard, but please try not to get discouraged. I'll bet after the initial shock wears off that you'll find a way to adjust to this new event in your life, and will rally once again and continue your weight loss efforts. I sure do hope so. If anything would help get you off of that oxygen tank any faster, losing weight would surely be it. Just keep coming here online and reading the posts. That might help. read success stories, they always help inspire me when I'm down.

Best wishes and many prayers for you, my friend.
emoticon emoticon


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IAM_HIS 3/27/2013 6:27AM

    Sorry to hear this. I am praying for you. Please focus on your heath and getting better. That is much more important than anything else. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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TRESSWANN 3/27/2013 5:04AM

    You will get there. And as to cooking, I know it's hard when everything is so hurting and mixed up but try and think about another way of food and cooking. More raw? Look at this as a chance to make changes and get healthier and lighter!

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BEEJAY49 3/27/2013 4:25AM

    I'm so sorry you're having to go through all that. I will be praying for you. Take one day at a time. There are many sitting exercises you can do that will help you keep up your strength. Hang in there! HUGS!

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SHILOBOOTH 3/27/2013 3:54AM

    Oh my *hugs* Just rest up and heal *hugs* I hope you start feeling better soon x

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