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I feel good - da da da da da da da....

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

This afternoon I went to workout. Yup. After two weeks of sloth and shaking my fist at the crappy winter weather outside my door - I met up with my fitness buddy and we went for a 60 minute walk on the indoor track.

Oh the sunshine was streaming in the windows - the tunes were blaring and we caught up on two weeks worth of gossip and work news and all that stuff. I feel refreshed.... and she was so glad that I had called her - turns out she had fallen off that wagon too!

And I feel so good! Just walking into the rec centre I noticed how my legs in my slim jeans look well -slim... and I got my swag on. My athletic swag. My - I am an athlete swag. It was so good to be back ...

Chaos in the change room - it is spring break in the city and there were 5000 kidlets coming in from the pool all those little girl shrieks - it was hilarious. Normally it is quiet and calm mid afternoon at this site - but not today!

I feel at peace with myself. I am so proud of myself that I got it back in gear. And you know what? I can still get at least 250 minutes in for the month. I'm at 160 this afternoon and I remembered that there are 31 days this month - so I'm going to go for 4 more workouts of 60 minutes - and well easy peasy....

So if you are feeling blah... just go outside or go to your local gym and walk. That's all we committed to today. 30 minutes. And when we checked the clock we were at 43 - and said - what the heck - lets go for 60 minutes and make this worth it... It is funny how we forget between workouts how good it feels in the body after the workout. I just sat in my truck for a few minutes soaking in that feeling so I can savour it and remember it for the next time I am struggling with whether to go work out or to sit and feel sorry for myself.

Get out there - all I can hear in my head now is that song... I feel good da da da da da da da - lIke I knew that I would......

Feel good.
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