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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I slept in this morning. I woke up when my alarm went off, I just didn't get out of bed, put my suit on, and go to the pool. BUT IF I HAD....


I swam Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday last week. I've been concentrating on just burning some calories again, any calories, and getting my fitness minutes up so that March comes out to be less crappy than February, instead of even crappier.

While I was not paying attention, I ALMOST FINISHED MY 21 MILE CHALLENGE.

All together I have done 1067 laps at the gym, plus my 49.5 short laps in the Florida pool. This works out to 107,239 feet, which is 20.3 miles.



I have less than a mile left!

Actually I'm glad I was lazy and slept in this morning instead of swimming - I want to celebrate by doing a stupid little dance in the pool, and I can't do that if I don't know when I'm doing my very last challenge lap!

So here it is:

21-20.3 = 0.7 miles
0.7 * 5280 feet per mile = 3696 feet
3696 feet /98 feet per lap = 37.7 laps.

Let's say 38, in case I miscounted or mismeasured somewhere.

So tonight, I will go swimming after work. If the pool is not crowded and I can get in my 38 laps, I will finish my challenge tonight!

If the pool is crowded, I will get most of the way, and finish on Thursday morning.


Soon I will do 2 things for my blog:

1) draw a cartoon of my stupid dance I do after weighing myself.

2) take screen shots of my charts. They are looking much better!

OH, and I did some serious meal planning this weekend, and grocery shopping. I am on FIRE. The schedule is based on stuff I make allll the time + stuff we ate a lot in December. The meals are fast, several share ingredients between them (so I can just buy the same things every week, and if I have more than I need one week the extra won't go to waste), and most include buttloads of veggies.

For weeknight meals every week I will make:

1) Curry turkey burgers. They're pretty healthy and take like 10 minutes. "Steam in the bag" frozen veggies on the side.

2) Bean & squash stew

3) One of: Veggie lentil soup, lentil rice soup, or lentil shepherd's pie (because multiple of those would be too many lentils in one week)

4) One of: Veggie pot pie stew, or veggie curry (plus beans, lentils, or chicken, whichever I feel like)

5) wild card New Or Other recipe, or leftovers. Or steak or chicken + 40 clove roasted chickpeas and broccoli on the side.

Weekends: Variable depending on available time and energy. Leftovers, one of the above, something new and exciting, or something more time consuming like roast chicken.

BOOYAH. All the recipes in 2-4 use tons of veggies and take maybe 10 minutes of active time, plus simmering. The curry only simmers for 10-15 minutes so it's super fast.

I may change the schedule to more salads & stir fries in the summer, but right now soups and stews are good, these are all things we really like and I like as leftovers for lunches as well. I need to just have a boring routine for a while to make sure I consistently eat healthy, then I can mix it up with more variety.
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