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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Can you guess what happened to me during weigh-in?? I wONEder what it could be.... emoticon

You guessed it! I am out of the 200lbs mark and weighted in at 199.4lbs!!! Woot woot!

It feels good to be back in Onerland, especially with my big day coming up so fast.. I hope this continues and I reach my 2nd goal goal (195lbs).

I admit that I have been slightly bad with my workouts.

On Friday I planned to go to the gym. Packed my gym bag and thought I was ready to go, unit I noticed I didn't pack my sneakers. I wasn't feeling too great that day anyways (PMSing) and decided to just go home for the night.

On Sunday, I wrote my to-do list which included the gym. I slept in a bit too late and was trying to get things done. I noticed one of my cats was acting funny (was sitting in the litter box trying to go to the bathroom but didn't) This stressed me out a bit and I lost all kinds of motivation. Then my fiancé wanted to hit the stores for a few things. A few hours later and it was already 5pm. With my sick cat worrying me and being so late, I skipped the gym.

Yesterday, I was exhausted from being up all night worrying about my cat. I called the vet and brought her in right away. Turns out she had a UTI and I have to give her antibiotics for 2 weeks. Whew! Feeling exhausted, relieved and not packing my gym bag resulted in skipping the gym last night too.

Not good, Laurie. Not good at all! emoticon

Tonight I am hauling my tush to the gym and will try to make up for my lost time. I will be going tonight, Thursday and Saturday (since Sunday is Easter). Can't get out of my fitness routine now since I am FINALLY starting to see some big changes.
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