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Future visualization (Coaching Session 3/25/13)

Monday, March 25, 2013

Todays session encouraged visualization of the future to encourage today. Looking at future 10 years from now then visualizing what I would say to myself looking 10 years back. What would I say? That is a good question. First I must say it was easy to visualize what I would be doing ten years from now. I can see it well............

I see myself walking out of my home. It is around 5am and it looks like it promises to be a bright sunny morning. A little bit brisk, I can see my breath as I look out over the pasture at the horses in the low light of morning. They raise their heads to look at me as if they are saying good morning. I tighten my jacket and zip it up.

Stepping down I begin to walk toward the dirt road that winds around my front pasture. Slowly I pick up the pace and begin to jog. My chocolate lab runs up to greet me and falls into an easy gait beside me. He looks up at me as I smile down at him. Together we jog down the dirt road. I can hear the birds in the trees talking back and forth and often squawking at us as we disturb their sanctuary. The only other sound we hear is the sound of my feet hitting the dirt path. As we continue on we come up to the brook, loudly babbling over the rocks. It had been a long a winter and the brook is swollen due to the melting of the snow. My foot kicks a small rock as I step onto the bridge causing a "plunk" as it hits the water. It is cooler under the trees and I can still see my breath as I breath into the brisk air. As we turn the bend we notice the sun is peeking over the far hill. The dew is visible as it vaporizes in the morning rays of sun beaming on the grass. It must be around 7am by the time I reach my back porch. A good long run. I feel refreshed and ready for the day to begin. My soul is at peace. My body humming with the possibilities the day will bring.

After a quick shower I move into the kitchen and whip up a fruit smoothie as I wait for my oatmeal to cook. Sitting in the breakfast nook I begin to search through the small, well worn address book. I see the name I am searching. It is my name. It reflects the address of the apartment I lived in. Back ten years earlier in 2013. I slowly dial the number contained on the page. It is unfamiliar to my fingers. I have never called the number before. Would I be the one to answer? My stomach churns a little in anticipation. The phone rings for the third time. A fleeting thought of hanging up skitters across my mind just as the other end of the line picks up.

"Hello?" the voice says, heavy with the sound of sleep in her voice. "Hello" I respond. "I am sorry to disturb you. I just wanted to share with you the hope and excitement I feel today. You see I am actually you. I know you don't believe me, I am not sure I would have believed it either. But I want you to know that despite your doubts, you need to keep working on the healthier you. One day you will walk out of your back door and begin your ritualistic run down the old dirt road by your house. It will be worth all the hard work you will put in at the gym. All the days you work with those bands and that exercise ball will make you stronger. Even when it feels awkward or uncomfortable, you must continue to work on it. Slowly you will see the difference in the scale, as the pounds slowly fall off, melting away from the muscula. You will be amazed at the stamina and energy you feel when you work out. But don't forget the Spark People program. It will keep your momentum going even when you don't feel up to the daily sessions. You will see the work you do today will fulfill you ten times over. You will feel like you ran a good race. And you can and will look at yourself in the mirror and say it was a job well done!

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