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Monday, March 25, 2013

I decided to get the 10k out of the way at the beginning of the week. Took me 75 minutes, which is not super fast. And I had to take a small break at 65 minutes, because that is as long as the treadmills at the gym allow, so I had to stop and wait for the treadmill to reset. Stopping meant I lost my momentum, so I walked the last of it. Then I did my cool down, so it ended up being 6.5 miles in 79 minutes. Of course, since I was at the gym I also pedaled for 22 minutes then did most of my regular ST workout. It was a struggle to finish the ST, though I did manage to increase the weight on the leg press machine. I am up to 160, which is almost my current weight. I can feel that my legs have gotten stronger. Now I just need the weather to clear so I can run outside.

It snowed on me and the dog while we were out for our morning walk, and it was spitting a little snow/rain mix on our afternoon walk. Blech! It is supposed to slowly warm up just a little this week. I want it to get to 45 degrees or a little higher before I brave running outside again. I don't have the gear for cold weather running. Besides, since I have lost so much weight I get colder faster.

I am pretty tired tonight. I will take the dog out for his 2.1 mile night time walk, then I am putting my feet up and relaxing with a cup of tea and a good book.
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