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Walk in the park = tick bite & symptoms after. Yuck!

Monday, March 25, 2013

I had a pretty good weekend. The weather was sunny & not too bad on Saturday. I went to the park after work and walked around for 2 hours. Unfortunately, the next day I found a tick on the back of my neck. I did a quick check after the park, but apparently I missed one. Ugh! It really hurt when it was taken out. A few hours after taking it out, I started getting really tired and got an awful headache. I had a 99 fever - which isn't too bad... but I did have the chills for 2 hours before bed. Today I am feeling pretty gross too. My head hurts, I am so tired and moving sooo slowly at work. I keep getting random stomach cramps. It isn't fun.. The actual area where the bite is sore too. It randomly aches a bit. Ick!

I called the Doctor's office to see if I should come in. The Dr told me I should come in ASAP since I am having symptoms right away. I have to take a long lunch tomorrow to go to the Drs. Hopefully it isn't anything too serious. It was a little tick (which I heard is the worst kind to have on you). Hopefully the symptoms go away soon - it is so busy at work and I don't want to be sick like this!

Has anyone been bitten with symptoms like this? I have had about 5 other tick bites at least in the past. I never had this type of feeling after getting them off of me!

Hopefully everyone is feeling better compared to how stinky I am feeling! I am missing yoga tomorrow night because I know I won't be up to it. I am trying to stay positive, but I just feel so yuck!

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