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Monday, March 25, 2013

Oh my goodness. Spring break is less than a week away and we have SNOW on the ground. As a teacher I loooove these days off to stay home and snuggle with my 3 kiddos, but I am really hoping for nice weather next week as we head to the Outer Banks!

Just a week ago - swinging on a sunny day!

Well, I have been using the Spark People iphone app lately for tracking exercise and calories, so today I took advantage of this nice day at home to play on the real, live website. I love it! The kiddos have done water color painting, puzzles, coloring, games, lego building...right now they are watching a video so I can take a little break.

My running journey has been going well lately. I'm training for the Monument Ave 10k and have been running with a team almost every Saturday for the past 7 weeks. Running 5 miles feels normal (?!) but I would love to see myself get faster. I've been toying with the idea of a half marathon...but haven't committed to anything yet.

Tonight we will head to the gym so I can ZUMBA and the kids can run/crawl around the awesome kids zone.

Right now I'm FINALLY past my pre-pregnancy weight plateau. My daughter is 8 months old and when I reached my pre-pregnancy weight, my body decided to hang out there for a while. BUT thanks to running miles and miles and turning down sugary treats for a few weeks, I'm now five pounds LOWER than my pre-pregnancy weight. Also known as the lowest weight I have seen in EIGHT years, and a total of 45 pounds down from my highest weight. That is something to celebrate, but I'm going to keep looking forward and I am going to keep working this weight off!
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