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Getting Past Regret - Tales from 100# Down

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Monday, March 25, 2013

I spent a lot of years sitting on my rear and eating to excess. I can't go back in a time machine and undo that. Do I have regrets? Of course I do. I regret that my health had to suffer. I regret that my child had to hear the unkind remarks from school chums and friends about his "fat mama". I regret that I wasn't a healthier parent that could do more with her child. I regret that I wasn't the slim bride my husband met but I AM thankful he stood by me. I regret that I didn't learn more about nutrition and exercise. I regret that I wasted a lot of time sitting where the only activity was my hand feeding my face or using a remote control or mouse.

Regret can lead to depression and in some cases a stumbling block to progress on this journey. I want to talk a little about that today because someone reading this might just need to hear what I have to say. By no means is this everyone's story. This is just MY story and I share it with you hoping that it might help just ONE person.

I'm sure many people that watched me over the course of 3-1/2 decades thought I was oblivious to my obesity. How far from the truth could that be. Knowing one is obese and doing something to change it are two different things. Once I successfully began my journey and made significant progress (well over halfway there) I began to look back and think WHY? Why didn't I keep trying to lose weight? Why did I give up? Why didn't I exercise? Why did I hang out with people that encouraged bad eating? WHY? WHY? WHY?

Here is the thing... It's IN THE PAST. I can't go back. I can't undo it and who knows maybe some of the GOOD things in my life now are the sum of the things in the past. It's just what was "my life".

So how do I avoid living with regrets? I live in the NOW. I make each day count so tonight when I lay my head on the pillow I won't scroll through a list of regrets. A big key to doing this is setting priorities.

1) Do the things that matter MOST first.
2) Remember food is fuel for your body - find entertainment elsewhere.
3) Think of exercise as being necessary to your body just like using a machine is necessary to prevent rust.
4) FOCUS on the finish line - not the path already traveled.

There is potential for good in every day. There is hope in tomorrow. Leave your regrets on the doorstep of yesterday and move forward.

It gets better! It really does!

Press On!

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