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Hob Knobbing With The Stars

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Monday, March 25, 2013

SparkBuddies, I had an amazing night last night hob nobbing with celebrities and my theatre family. The energy was positive, loving and absolutely wonderful. I shared a dressing room with some of the ladies from Hot in Cleveland, Roger Bart, Jane Lynch from Glee, Sean Hayes and various others.


Not only are they extremely nice, but they’re just regular actors, regular people with extrodinary careers. It really put the fuel in my fire for my craft even more because I shared a stage with these people and because of how well our show did, we were celebrities in our own right! It was wonderful and we were beyond grateful to be there.

**Sorry that these pictures aren't as complete as they should be. I was running late and had to fix my hair/make up at the theatre.**

I rocked my dress and got LOTS of compliments on it! A lot of people hadn’t seen me since the Ovations some months ago so the look on some of their faces was pricless. Especially after the last 3 months, with my depression and overeating hitting me hard, it was so good to hear. Everyone was so kind in their words and I was completely blown away by their acknowledgement. More and more being smaller is beginning to become really comfortable and I almost don’t remember what I used to look like. This is not to say that I’ll forget, because I never will, but it’s so nice not to think about it, even for a night.

My cast and I sang out hearts out, and even got a standing ovation for our closing number. It was dreamy!

Besides all of that, the absolute best part of being there was just hanging out with my cast whom I haven’t seen in a few months. We laughed, goofed off and hugged each other constantly. It felt so good to be back in that loving, happy environment again. And of course, we sounded just as beautiful as we did on stage a year ago.

I’m one happy theatre nerd today.

In Other News:
I’ve kept up on my water intake and my exercise, but my nutrition needs to be reeled in a bit. As usual, the weekend killed it for me. I’ll never give up! That Disney bag WILL be mine!

Have a wonderful day!

Miss B
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