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You're in charge of you and no one else.

Monday, March 25, 2013

You may think you can change other people so that you're happy, but that's not the case. The only thing you can do is change your reaction to those people. They are not willing to change, so you need to change your perspective toward those people. Only you can be happy, no one else can make you that way.

You're not going to be able to change how those people are acting toward you until you change how you react to them. If they try to push your buttons all the time, either stop allowing them the button to push or disable the button. When you stop reacting in the way they expect, they'll be confused and stop acting that way toward you. You can ignore their actions and either redirect or walk away. It doesn't matter what they're trying to do to you, if you are no longer giving them the power over you, then they have lost that power you were giving them.

You are also in charge of how you behave toward everything else. If something isn't going right for you, don't just sit there and dwell on it, change what you're doing and move on. If you keep doing the same thing you were doing, the same result will happen. You didn't like what happened, so don't do it again. You have the power to change what's happening by changing what you're doing, right there and right then. Whether it be what you're eating or how traffic is behaving or if a job prospect is on the horizon, then you are in charge of how you behave toward it. Don't like what you're eating? Quit eating it. Don't like how slowly traffic is moving? Take the next off ramp and find some back roads where you might see new scenery. Worrying about that job interview? Practice with friends. You'll feel better for doing those things.

We're all here for some kind of health goal, so how can you get there? Learn from your mistakes and don't dwell on them. Know you have the power to change. You are in charge, not the food nor the mobility issues. You know your limits, so you know what you can eat and what you can do. Found that you can't have candy in the house because you'll eat all of it? Learn from that and find something better to have convenient when needing a sweet snack. Perhaps you hurt yourself when you run? So walk briskly or if you really injured yourself, do chair exercises or upper body weight lifting. There is no excuse that should leave you completely helpless, even when you're ill, you're still in charge of what you're eating, even if you're too tired to get out of bed.

So if you're waiting for someone else to change your habits, you'll be waiting for a very long time. No one else will change your thinking nor your habits. Only you can change what happens to you and how you react to things. Make your reactions the best ones you can have!
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