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Uh--somehow my hair grew long when I wasn't noticing....

Monday, March 25, 2013

I always thought my hair was thin and fine. Stringy. So I kept it short to be fuller.

But, now that it is long, it feels full--at least when I first wash it. I am mostly pull it back in some sort of a clip or huge barrette. I try to leave it loose around my face. Having a bad shoulder makes all this difficult.

This is quite a new adventure for me. Since retiring, I did not pay too much attention to my hair. I was never great at getting to hair appoints anyway. Probably it has been a year since my last appointment. emoticon

When we got married I had long hair. The hairdresser did a great job making a nice updo for the wedding. John did not want me to cut it. who knows why. And I was paranoid about cutting it because my last haircut was a disaster. I looked like a pinhead.

I have been buying big bows for the back--neutral colors. They are hard to find. I guess that style has gone out. I found a couple online. Those big 'banana clips' work well for me, too.

At a beauty supply store, ....I bought a false pony tail! emoticon The color matched perfectly. "Frosted." I was looking more for a false hair fluffy bun. But the only thing they had was a short, fullish pony tail. emoticon

I envy those people who can't have hair long because it is too bushy. I wish!

Yeah, I know you want a photo. I did plug in my camera battery so maybe....but after a hair appointment!

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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    I have to grow my hair to my chin for it to look like I have a bang! lol!

    Yes, my hair is very curly. I get a good cut, and my hair looks good without too much trouble. Just have to use the right product to get my frizz under control. :)

    Check out yelp or Angie's list to try to find a good hairdresser, as a good hairdresser is very hard to find.

    Hope you are enjoying your retirement.
    1791 days ago
  • FISHER011
    emoticon Good for you!
    My hair was really long & I liked it, but my depression got bad & I was in chronic pain, so it had too all be cut off. I too felt like a pinhead emoticon
    Now that it's growing out, it's still thin, but has a wave.
    makes me happy to here about your bows & clips!
    Great blog & Thanks for the smile-you made my day emoticon
    If you do post a pic- do a before & after. emoticon I had my teen daughter take pics, but she didn't save them & I didn't get to even see them, let alone post them.
    1791 days ago
    The lovely thing about grey hair is the fact that it is coarser and fuller and I actually have a little curl now. The kids all yell at me if I don't keep the hair at shoulder length. It is easier to keep it longer. I only have to get it cut twice a hear then. Saves money. I also low light the grey with brown streaks. That way I look less grey and the grow out is more natural. I like the shoulder length hair also because it is easy to throw up in a french twist to get off the neck or hide a bad hair day. The lovely thing about the 60s is that we can give ourselves permission to explore and do what we want without worrying about what our bosses might think. I am looking forward to new pictures.
    1792 days ago
    My hair has thinned over the years and is also fine. I keep it just below my ears, highlighted. I get compliments on it so I guess it looks ok. I am not as cruel to myself as I was when I was younger so I try not to put myself too badly when I have a bad hair day.
    1792 days ago
    My hair is thin and baby fine. Clips will not stay in, they just slide right out, so I keep it super short. Easy to care for, but regular trips for trims.
    1793 days ago
    I also have long hair. It seems that it is growing so quickly in the last 6 months. I take off 2 inches every 2 months, and still it is longer than I thought. My husband likes it that way, but I also like to put it up in a ponytail. He says he likes the ponytail, too. emoticon
    1793 days ago
    I love long hair. I get a lot of compliments on my hair , but I spent lots of money with the upkeep as a do it yourself hair care. I love all the pretty things you can clip in your hair. I find the best hair clips at Family Dollar.
    1793 days ago
    Men are soooo Lucky! They never have a bad hair day! My hair is to my chin. I would like to have it long because I love all the pretty clips ,headbands and such out now I Can't wait to see your pictures!
    1793 days ago
  • 123ELAINE456
    Nice Blog. Please post a Picture. Would Love to See It. God Blessings to Everyone. Have a Fabulous Day. Take Care. Hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    1793 days ago
    Love your hair tales! Try some Root Pump mousse; CVS or Sally's both have it, comes in a tall red can and works two ways: cuts down on frizz, plumps hair at the roots so it looks a lot fuller than it really is.
    1793 days ago
    Definitely show some pictures when you take them. And those false pony tails are getting quite popular. There's so many different hair pieces that can be hidden in your hair to make it look like your own. I have extremely fine hair (family trait) and with my medical issues it's worse than ever, so I've wanted to try those but I've never been willing to spend the money.
    1793 days ago
  • GINA180847
    Today I hope to post a picture of my new long hair on my spark page. It is fine but very wavy hair and only shows the wave when longer. I love it longer but the bangs which I need to look good are wavy so I have to find a way to straighten them. Hair..........what a pain! Finding a good haircut was difficult so I let it grow out.
    1793 days ago
    Hi, Chris. Looking forward to the pic after your hair appt. I'd let my thinning, straight, nasty-looking hair grow for a few years, but last December (or was it Nov?) I had it cut in a chin-length bob. I've decided to let it grow another inch or so, but it could be worse! LOL I hope you're happy with your new 'do'.
    1793 days ago
    My hair is thick and heavy so I keep it short for a wash and go style. emoticon
    1793 days ago
    I have thin hair, too, but I have a hairdresser I trust, been with her for over 30 years. My hair is longer than it used to be, but not as long as when I was in high school. I don't want to look like I am trying to regain my youth with my hair. It doesn't work.
    1793 days ago
  • BRENDA_G50
    My hair was past my shoulders because my dad always liked me with long hair. When he passed away, instead of "Off with her head!", it was "Off with her hair!"
    It is baby fine and looks stringy wheather it's long or short and doesn't have any body to it. emoticon

    Can't wait to see the new photo of you! emoticon
    1793 days ago
    Oh yes please, post a pic!
    1793 days ago
    Chris, I hear you on the hair. But mine is VERY thick (and hot). I keep it about shoulder length, but never down. I don't like hair on my neck, or forehead or around my face. I keep it longer to I can easily keep it up in a hair comb thingy. emoticon Like you, I also have problems with shoulders and even arm and sometimes hands. So on some days it is a challenge just for me to brush my hair out, much less do anything else to it.

    1793 days ago
    I have ling hair right now and as soon as the next day for locks of love or wigs for kids comes around it is gone again I can grow it back out in about 2 years and that is fine by me
    1793 days ago
    LOL I'm 66 and have been letting my hair grow too. Why not? Fun to play a bit. Thanks for this light hearted blog!!
    1793 days ago
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