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Sunday, March 24, 2013 can't expect your kids to keep their rooms clean if you aren't doing the same. Since I've been battling to get my youngest DD to keep her room clean, these words from the famous FlyLady really caught my attention. Just as with everything other aspect of life, I'm modeling proper behavior for my kids (or I should be anyway).

I admit my room has been the dumping ground for stuff that I don't have time to deal with right away. While it's not terrible, it is certainly NOT what I'd call clean. I know where everything is (basically) and it looks relatively clean when you walk by, but once you walk in, the piles of scrapbooking materials, papers to be filed, unmatched socks, and tote of things to be listed on ebay come into view...not to mention my enormous pile of things for my spring garage sale (I am trying to declutter!). Can I say once again how I cannot wait to be home full-time so my house can get a decent cleaning more often?!

Today I decided to set a simple goal of clearing off the tops of my night stand and dresser. Well, anyone who has collected miscellaneous items on those surfaces over the course of months knows, this is NOT a simple goal. I was determined though, so I took EVERYTHING off my dresser and night stand and the dust was ridiculous. My poor husband who has a dust allergy was sneezing and even jokingly asked for a mask to wear as I finished up. It ended up taking awhile to figure out what to do with all the stuff..lots went in the trash, but now I have 2 clean surfaces in my room and DH has stopped coughing and sneezing.

Every weekend, I plan to take a small bit of my room and do a similar job, completely cleaning it. Just with what I did today, my room looks SO much better. Besides, I want my room and lots more of the house all done by the time we have our garage sale so I can just get the stuff out of the house. If it doesn't sell, it's off to Goodwill. It's all good stuff, I'm just ready to have less of it.
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