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Too Big, Too Small, Just Right

Sunday, March 24, 2013

No, this is not "Goldilocks" here. I'm talking about dietary changes.

I've been struggling with making permanent changes to my diet in order to lose weight. I was very successful twice on Weight Watchers. The first time, I got off track after a rough summer that was followed by a transfer to a new school (my first year of college was completed online). The second time around, I got off track during the month of December, and was unable to get back into the groove of things with the new Points Plus Program.

I've had some minor success here and there since then, but nothing too significant. I did realize, however, that I was more likely to have a sweet snack every night my first two times doing Weight Watchers. When Points Plus came around, I had a hard time losing the weight I regained during the holidays, so I pretty much cut out all sweets. That might have been part of why I was never able to stay on track very long and started going through some extreme diet and binge cycles.

Some people on here promote the idea of making smaller, gradual changes to your diet and then building on those. I can see the benefit in the concept, but at the same time, adding a couple fruit and veggie servings to my meals doesn't seem to be significant enough to give me results. At the same time, switching to a completely low-carb or low GI diet overnight is too big of a change. I need something that's "just right."

I gave up soda several years ago, but that's all I gave up. Soda and slurpees. I still drank juice (including Izze sodas and other "sodas" made with 100% juice and carbonated water). I still had milkshakes and frappucinos. It wasn't until a couple years later that I cut out the milkshakes, juice, and frappucinos. Today, I drink milk, flavored seltzer, unsweetened tea, water (including Hint and Metromint waters), and the rare decaf soy coffee at Starbucks (or when I'm down the shore). I made a pretty big change to my diet by cutting out soda cold-turkey, but I'm not sure I would have been so successful if I cut out all liquid calories at once.

I've tried setting 10 minute per day exercise goals with no lasting success. If a goal is TOO easy, it doesn't even seem worth the effort. At the same time, jumping right into an intense workout routine is TOO overwhelming. I love walking, however, so I set a goal to walk at least 10,000 steps a day. It was a challenge, but something I could still do throughout the day, so it didn't overwhelm me. I was able to stick to that goal up until I temporarily lost my Fitbit (therefore ruining my streak).

I just need some ideas for some goals I can set that are a bit more challenging than most of the fast-break goals, but nothing that involves a complete diet overhaul either.
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    I hear ya. I cut out caffeine and it wasn't as hard as I thought. I know I need to cut out more: sweets, breads, fried food...but that step is so hard to take. But you're right. We have to keep setting those goals because it doesn't help to cut out caffeine and sweets and still eat fried food and pizza!

    Right now the goal I'm working on is eating breakfast! I've managed it one day out if the last 10! Ugh.
    1764 days ago
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