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298 - my world went upside down

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Wow, it's been a really horrible week since my birthday.

There is a couple that we know who is going through a really nasty, ugly divorce. She was 14 when they started dating and is only 20 now. He is 30 (yup, he was 24 dating a 14-year-old). About 3-4 months ago he basically told her it was over, he had never loved her, was in love with somebody else, had been cheating on her and wanted a divorce. Nothing this girl could do broke him. He was done. He really broke her heart. She sat in my house and cried for 3 hours that night - she felt she had always been such a good wife, had given him her entire childhood/life, was never unfaithful to him, and thought they'd be together forever.

Well, that was until the day after my birthday. She told her soon-to-be ex-husband that she cheated on him with MY HUSBAND. Uh, ok. I have no doubt in my mind that she knew it would get a reaction out of her husband. I had to call the police that night to my house because he threatened to kill us. It was really horrible. I didn't sleep for days. South Beach went out the window. I'm not really surprised this happened - I never did like them and they are really toxic people. We had already started pulling away from them before this ever went down.

I've been having a hard time with it all. Not for a split second do I believe this girl. My husband is a good man. The day she came over and cried in my house she even told me how jealous she was of our relationship - it is so evident how much my husband loves me, she wishes her husband was like that. Anyway, blah, blah...I definitely didn't believe her lies. What gets me is that I just don't understand how a person could do this sort of thing - you're trying to get back at your husband, exact the only revenge you know to get some kind of emotional response out of him, and you don't care that you're hurting someone else? My husband tells me I'm a bit naive in that sense - he says I'm taking it personally when this is NOT personal. She isn't even thinking about US. We aren't even on her radar. We were a tool, she got a rise out of her husband at our expense, and that's it. I guess it's hard for me to fathom because I can't imagine ever doing that to somebody.

Anyway, that was my week. What a mess.

I didn't walk much. I ate horribly. Time to get back on the wagon. I'm not going to let toxic people get me down.
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Member Comments About This Blog Post
    Wow! I hope you are able to get them both out of your life and soon and never see them again! I think women just take this kind of thing more personally then men would given that situation. It hurts our feelings when other women hurt us sometimes more than other things, especially a "friend" doing it. I hope you get your positive energy back soon!
    1280 days ago
    OMG!! What a total nightmare. I felt sorry for her at first but it's obvious that they are both scumbags. Why does her husband care anyway when he is leaving her for another woman? He should have been in jail for child molestation years ago and her parents should have had their butts kicked for not pressing charges.

    I would make sure that these people stay out of my life. I would hire an attorney if I had to and sue them both.
    1283 days ago
    They sound like toxic people, and you knew that! Your healthy relationship and your healthy body are worth protecting. Flush them out like a oncoming cold!
    Take care of you and your hubby with lots of rest and good food. Circle the wagons and get back onto your path!
    1283 days ago
    Ugh, yes a mess indeed. You are right to keep your distance. She is in free fall right now and will try and take anyone along with her that she can. Stay strong and keep your distance. I'm rooting for you!
    1284 days ago
    Wow, what a mess! Definitely break things off with this un-friend, she's a walking bomb!
    1285 days ago
    With friends like that, who needs enemies. Toxic people, toxic situations. They are best avoided.
    1285 days ago
    You definitely need to run in the other direction from this woman as she sounds like the type that will do anything to get her man back including throwing everyone under the bus so to speak.

    You don't need that in your life and there is nothing you can do to help someone who need professional help

    Good luck
    1285 days ago
    Wow, pretty horrible all right. It's good to know that their toxicity is about them and not you. I think as we take better and better care of ourselves, those people mostly fall away from us. Something to look forward to. Hope all is well now, just keep plugging along. ((Hugs))
    1285 days ago
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