Day 454 - M

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Just an attempt to send a big smile your way in this video clip. It's SO neat. You know how I love dogs & dog training....well, this is a special treat!

It does have something to do with SP, being fit and healthy. These canines are truly athletes and so is their handler. If we live a healthy, active lifestyle then.....the sky is the limit. We can dream BIG and go for it. Really going after those things we formerly thought were impossible. A person really has to be in shape to effectively train working dogs.....but it still applies to anything your heart desires. If you've always wanted to do something, then the simple truth is that you CAN.


Had a great day. Did some stocking up at Sam's & WalMart before the 6" - 9" of snow that's predicted hits us starting tomorrow. One of the food ladies had strawberries dipped in chocolate. I asked her if I could just have the strawberry w/o the chocolate and she obliged!!! Seems we were on the go all day long.

Did the big hill & a long circuit on the hiking trail with Jetta. She got thirsty so we came back home so she could drink. I left her with DH at home, grabbed the hiking poles and went back out on the trail. What a difference those poles make. It hugely increases the effectiveness of the workout. I can only use the poles when Jetta isn't along for the hike b/c I have to have her on a long Flexi-leash when she's with me. She hasn't reached the point of being stable off-leash. I really miss using the poles - can't recommend them highly enough for anyone who wants to boost their cardio walking & calorie burn.

Mileage: 9.42 miles

A big thanks for stopping by today if you had time. Hope your Saturday was super!!! emoticon
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