Saturday begins Week 5 of 5% Winter Challenge

Saturday, March 23, 2013

This is the cutest baby polar bear ...reminding me that baby steps will grow to progress and health. This is the sweet baby of friends of mine.
This weeks baby steps are into the realm of tracking our foods..I am blessed that this is already pretty much a habit with paper and pencil and I have been pretty consistent getting it into the tracker...New Discoveries last night about how powerful this tracker can be.
1. Place to count your water..mark them here and the same info translates to other trackers too
2. Groupings of favorite foods or meals or recipes that you use often
3. Lists of favorites and really shortens the time of posting foods
4. Search format for new foods for use once or add them to favorites
5. Daily totals across the bottom and a little lower the weeks running numbers
6. Ten back up by the water counter is a "daily feedback" show each of the things you are tracking and if on target or high
7. to the lower right from your totals is a button for grocery list
and under it "See Today's total Report" Wow--a wealth of info in spreadsheet format for the nutrients you need to be aware of for your diet. I recently entered some info about blood pressure, blood sugar and cholesterol/heart risks and the info was translated to the things I NEED to be aware sodium, potassium, cholesterol in foods etc. now I can see where I am strong and where I am weak nutritionally.
8. Change your goals lets you increase or decrease your goal #s and tracking...
Maybe everyone else knew these things but I am in progress and delighted to learn.
God bless you and your baby steps or giant strides ... Just keep up the good work and God bless you real Good!! Pic of DH and I at farmer's market last year ... goal of changes coming this year with smaller lady behind that table! and tracking food intake is just one tool to get me there.
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