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Day 182 Sprouting Hollyhocks Challenge Goals

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today is Day 182, almost to 200 days then almost to 300 next then a year. Can't wait. I have days I don't do as good as others, but I aim to try and do my best no matter what. I often try to plan the not so good food in, or make sure that is my off day for the week if it is too much due to not being able to avoid it. This week there were 2 big days like that, last week only 1. But still not giving up. My foot does feel a little better today, have more balance in it this morning, although the whole rest of my leg on that side hurting as well, and my arm on that side too. I hate delayed pain. Never know how bad you injury yourself sometimes. The kids egg hunt is today, they are excited, I was until my sister told me she isn't coming with her kids because her truck isn't fixed. Which bummed me out, I haven't even told the kids yet. My friends and their kids are 95% sure they can make it, so hopefully they can. They are in the process of moving so. Anyways with my sister she did the same excuse for my daughters birthdays March 2nd, truck needed to be fixed, muffler broke. Okay no big deal a week maybe at the most it would be out. I go over to her house 2 weeks later for my nephews birthday and they are driving the truck around, but oh the muffler is still broke. Okay fine...I tell them about the egg hunt, and they said sure we'll be there the kids will have a blast. Then I find out yesterday no we can't muffler still broke. Now 3 weeks later, and her man knows how to weld and fix vehicles...why in the h*** isn't it fixed yet. They make 3 times as much money as we do, have smaller bills than we do just bigger bad habits. But it's getting me upset. And I've tried really hard not to be upset or angry to easy because it hurts me, doesn't help. But I got to try and look past it, and just not worry about it I suppose. If my hubby didn't work today, I would pick her sorry butt up along with her man and the kids and make them come out anyways. We hardly visit each other especially since she won't come to my house. She always wants me to go over there. We're only 20 minutes away. And she still wants me to let my kids spend the night at her house, when she can't even come visit. I'm thinking not, I would love the break, but I don't think so. Besides punishments in her house are a lot bigger in a not so good way than mine. And I'm strict. Well anyways enough venting. Just wish things were better. I have almost 170 easter eggs for 4-7 kids, that should keep them busy. Crazy.... but I find out that one of my challenges for my Sprouting Hollyhocks is a list my goals for the challenge kind of thing. I've done that with the Jolly Holiday one too, kind of fun, same group anyways. So I've been sort of thinking about them. I got lots more goals this time, because I want to look better for summer. I want to be happy with what I see in the mirror. OOH, NSV finally when I sit and read on my chair or eat, I've noticed that when I'm not wearing my very warm big sweatshirt/hoodie my stomach isn't as rounded out, it's almost flat when I'm sitting down. Mind you I've still got a bulge when I stand yet to get rid of but it's something. So despite the down week, I still have something to be proud of. And yesterday I made a dinner with no carbs, a very healthy one that the kids and my husband and dad we're unsure of at first. I made baked blade steak pork chops and baby spinach salad w/ mandarin oranges/cherry tomatoes/sliced cucumbers with homemade dressing consisting of vegetable oil/orange juice/lime juice/salt and pepper. It was emoticon Now that I know I like fresh baby spinach, I know what I can change up to during the week for lunches and such. Okay now to the goals...sorry if the blog is a little long. emoticon

Sprouting Hollyhocks Challenge Goals (March 15th-May10th, 2013)
1) To walk 4 mph w/o getting winded for 10 minutes
2) To lift 10 pound weights like it is nothing
3) To do 30 pushups and 50 wall push ups
4) To do 50 sit ups before my tail bone hurts
5) To be eating fruits and vegetables as snacks without a second thought
6) Be less stressed/worried/anxious
7) To solve my health issues (Depends on if the doctor gets off their butt and is serious)
8) To weigh under 170 pounds for the first time in 7 years
9) To be able to beat my husband in an arm wrestling match emoticon
10) To out walk my husbands 3.5-4mph casual walking speed emoticon

I didn't want to start with nothing to big. But I'm already walking casually 3mph, and 3.5mph is a little difficult. So I figure 10 weeks (2 1/2 months) I can do this. And I've been joking with my husband that one day I will be stronger and faster than he is. He just tells me even if you are, you will way less so I can still toss you around. emoticon We love to goof around which is nice, makes me happy. He tries to make me happy even when he unintentionally gets me mad. But it's okay, I just write about it, and draw and what not and don't or try not to fret about it much. Here's to a successful 10 weeks with Sprouting Hollyhocks. emoticon emoticon

We can be strong, we can do this, and we will do this. No ups or downs, or bad days will ever let us give up. We are stronger than that in our own way. Good luck fellow Sprouting Hollyhocks.

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    Great goals. Good luck with the rest of the challenge! emoticon
    1820 days ago
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