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Friday, March 22, 2013

Today I feel like I turned a corner... Well, really I turned two corners...

Firstly I am PROUDER than proud could be to say that I am finally, for the first time since age 19, out of the "Obese" category BMI range. This morning's (unofficial) weigh in was 214lbs! (I am SURE of it because I jumped back on the scale 3 times to double check AND took a quick pic with my phone in case my bleary, sleep eyes were lying to me).

Second corner is one (I can't believe I am saying this) that I am evern MORE proud of... I got up, weighed, ate a small breakfast, drank a cup of coffee and got dressed for the track... I headed out the door precisely on time to put in the 2 miles I had planned, get home for a shower and then head to work. On my arrival at the track I got out of the car ready to do a little stretching when I realized that it was spitting (a South African term for very light rain - the little drops that fall first). I hadn't noticed them until I got out, even though my windsheild was dotted with droplets. I realized how much working out has become a ritual, or habit with me... Old me would have checked the weather to use as one of my excuses for not going... "Oh it's too hot/It's too cold/It's about to rain I can't go running." But today I was on autopilot... I didn't even notice the rain until I was already there getting warmed up.

It's a small thing I suppose, but it really gives me hope that this time it's going to stick. This time I have put all of my energy in the right places. This time I am on track to make a full lifestyle change and live a healthy life for good!
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