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Body fat down some more - I'm thrilled! NEW GOALS

Friday, March 22, 2013

I had my body composition scan at the doctor's office yesterday.

The improvements are small but I'm very happy with them because at this point progress is expected to be much smaller.
Since my last scan, 6 weeks ago, my total body fat went down from 29.8 lbs. to 28.2 lbs. for a total of 1.6 lbs. putting me at 21% body fat.
Muscle mass increase just a tiny bit from 58.2 to 58.6, but that was expected since I did a lot more running than strength training in preparation for the half-marathon the beginning of March.
Total changes from September 2012 to March 2013 (exactly 6 months):

weight: 130 lbs., 134 lbs.
muscle: 54.9 lbs., 58.6 lbs.
body fat: 30.9 lbs., 28.2 lbs.

BMI: 20.4 , 21
%body fat 23.6, 21.0

Notice that both my weight and my BMI increased, showing that neither are helpful once you get close to goal weight.

The most significant benefit has been identifying my sensitivity to A1 milk. Going dairy-free for about a month made it more difficult to stay on a ketogenic diet and keeping my body in optimal fat-burning mode. Being able to add A2 milk and cream back into my diet will help me make faster improvements in the next few months.
I decided to set some new goals to hopefully reach before I turn 50 in late August:

- lowering my body fat to 18%
- increasing my total skeletal muscle mass from 58.6 to 65 lbs.
- improving my 5 K time from PR of 32.04 min. to under 30 min.

These goals may seem to ambitious to some and too conservative to others. They take into account that my body will not have to deal with A1 dairy as a major source of inflammation and stress on my body (nor with grains, beans or sugar)
I will continue using the Maffetone method for my cardio (running, some swimming), and a mixture of resistance training and maybe some track events this spring for strength, overall agility, speed etc.
All my running/hiking is done in minimalist shoes or barefoot reducing risk of injury very significantly and reducing overall stress on the body.
I also plan on regular horseback riding for fun and relaxation.
Another important issue is to keep stress levels low by avoiding overscheduling, lack of sleep, too much time in front of computer or TV.

Any feedback and input welcome. emoticon

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