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Good Training Week

Friday, March 22, 2013

This week I've followed my training plan pretty well. Monday night was the run with the coach. I'd say it was a group run, but the only place it was a group was at the starting line. We did a half mile warm up and then two 1.5 mile repeats with a 2 minute rest in between. We cooled down for a quarter mile and some good stretching. Two guys are much faster than I am; one is trying to bring his 5K down from 23:00 to 22:00. I have my sites set on beating my previous time on the Mayfaire 5K on May 11th. I ran this hilly race in 2011 in 29:55.

Tuesday I was to run slowly (10:30-11 min pace) for 20-30 minutes and I did about 23 minutes. Plus I walked a mile to the trail and a mile back.

Wednesday was a cycling day. I rode outside for 15 minutes in my neighborhood, but it was sprinkling so I went to the gym and did a 70 minute stationary bike workout -- not super fast.

Thursday is my "main set." I had planned to go to the gym and do it on the treadmill with Gwen in the nursery, but my hubby was trying to get into the doctor for a shoulder injury and would need the car as soon as he could get an appointment. So I ran at 1:30pm on my street while Gwen was napping. The assignment was one mile at pace 10:30-11:30, followed by 2 miles without stopping @ 9:30 pace and faster (upto 9 min pace) if I could, finish with one more mile @ 10:30-11:30 pace. If I didn't have my new Garmin I would have had to do it on the treadmill to hit the pace right, but the Garmin did just fine. I did the first mile at 10:34, then 9:13, 3rd one at 9:11, and fourth at 11:15. The Garmin gave me constant feedback. My right calf seemed sore after that run, but was fine in just a few minutes and isn't bothering me today.

My hubby couldn't get in to see the orthopedist until March 29th, so I took him into the walk-in clinic after I got Natalie from kindergarten. He got some pain meds to help him make it until then. He still didn't get but just a couple hours sleep last night. He injured his shoulder walking the dog the other day and it has just gotten worse and worse.

Today is a swim for recovery day. Gwen went to the nursery. I did 26 laps, 25 yards each. I did 7 laps crawl, 6 backstroke, and 13 breaststroke. I rested some between every 2 or 4 laps. I need to buy some googles. (Edit correction: goggles, but you knew that!) Hope to do that this week and maybe a swim cap, too. I would like to swim more crawl but I've got to work on the breathing and getting my head in the right position. Last week I swam 20 laps with 4 crawl, so I am making progress.

Tomorrow is my Galloway group run. Not sure which group I'm going to join or how long I'm going to run tomorrow. I'm kind of floating between groups. We'll see what my options are tomorrow for a long run. Sunday is my day of rest.

So, all in all I'm feeling good and feeling good about my training! My weight is staying well under 129, but not yet consistently at 126. I'll get there! Thanks for reading my blog.
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