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Friday, March 22, 2013

There is no bigger wake-up call than struggling into a pair of jeans. *snort* Seriously. So... yeah, totally sedentary winter combined with a week at the boyfriend's where we ate out every time we turned around... yeah, once again I've got several pair of jeans in my drawer that I'm not fitting. *sigh* There's an upside, though, because true spring will arrive soon and before that happens I will be replacing the tires and tubes on my bike. I will soon be able to get out and about and get some riding in. :D

Also, on the plus side... sorta, depends on the way you look at it... the roommate has hit her breaking point. The point where enough is enough and something's got to give. Her doctors are convinced that she's got a food allergy that is causing her problems... plus she's a... a... crap, what's it called? Compulsive eater. She's got a lot to work through. More than I. I'm just lazy with a hormone imbalance. *lol*

Well, to be honest, all I've wanted to do in the past month or so is eat myself stupid. I have no idea why. I'm not hungry, I just want to eat. I need to keep my hands busy so they can't be used to shovel food in my mouth. *lol* So today, I'm working on some sewing projects. Good times!

The boyfriend has had a request from some of his nephews to show them how to properly exercise, so he's been stopping by a few times a week to work out with them, and keeping it going on his own. He's a Marine, and according to him at one point in his life he was fairly cut. Bad life choices and a sedentary lifestyle outside the Marines has left him a wee chubby (not that I mind, I love his body no matter his shape) but still well muscled. It won't take much to get him whipped back into shape.

Myself? I've never been IN shape, so... *lol* Anyway, my ideas are to go with the roomie whenever possible when she gets it in her head to go for walkies and hikes, and to take my bike out whenever I can. Now that my raise is in effect, I can afford better-for-me foods and such, and cut down on the crap... fingers crossed. *lol*

The roomie is another that was actually in good shape at one point in her life. When she was away at college she got down to her lowest adult weight and was a stone fox. *lol* No, seriously, she was sexy as hell. Unfortunately for her, she has lupus, fibromyalgia, IBS, gastritis, and a whole other slew of health problems, which complicates matters... losing weight will help with a few, we hope. She had a great theory the other day about her body's resistance abilities. "Look, I weigh (undisclosed amount). My body is totally used to lugging this weight around. My legs carry me up and down stairs and I only get a little winded. I'm doing better than most; I see women smaller than I who have to get around on the Amigos. My body is great at adapting. So once I start losing weight, getting back to hiking shape should be a breeze!" Here's hoping she's right. :)

As for myself... I'm just lazy. I have no theories, no excuses, no nothing. I'm lazy, and I'm impatient. I want to jump into exercise full throttle and fit into my jeans next week. I'm also easily distracted, so I will jump full-throttle into a program and then get distracted by something shiny. *lol* I don't do things on a routine. I do things as they fit into my day. Everything is fluid, and fitting into a routine just doesn't work. Hell, I don't even brush my hair on the regular. It's like, I will finger comb and be on my way, and when I get to the point where I can't finger comb, then I brush. It's clean, just... disarrayed. So working out on the regular and keeping such draconian tabs on my diet is just... not for me. I wish I could hire someone to do that for me. To cook my meals and prod me into working out. Some kind of personal assistant to run my errands and remind me of things so I can let my day flow as the Muse of Doing Stuff sees fit.

And I realize that this entry makes absolutely no sense. I started with a point, but I lost it about a paragraph in. *lol* That happens, sometimes.

Anyway, my point was that enough was enough, and I've got to start spring fresh and get off my ass. I need to hang my inspiration back up on my mirror, reinflate my balance ball, get tires on my bike, and just MOVE. And drink more water. :D Damn that Dr. Pepper. *lol*
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