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Friday, March 22, 2013

I haven't been on top of my game all week, and it's driving me nuts, I'll eat good for one meal but then snack later with the hubby. But I'm staying in calorie range, just high end and not my usual eggs and turkey sausage breakfast, salad w/ chicken for lunch and simple dinners. So need to get back on that. I haven't been totally sitting on my butt either, just not doing a ton of exercise this week. Partly because well this week was all screwed up. Sunday was housework catch up day so we could go up north on Monday. Tuesday was working on the house next door and my 2 year olds home visit with our local SKIP program, and much needed grocery shopping for the house which took 4 hours in itself because the stores were packed and it takes me 20 minutes just to get to the nearest walmart. Wednesday was more catching up on housework yet again for both houses, and easter outfit shopping for 4 kids which is no fun when 3 of them are girls, and all the dresses out there are lucky if they are midthigh and cover the butt up. Yesterday took hubby to work, met with my friends at home to drop off a ton of boxes of old toys and clothes their kids outgrew, then grocery shopping for the egg hunt on Saturday since I forgot to do that on Tuesday, in the process of all that I slipped on some very thick ice, twisted my knee and my ankle, and now my whole ankle and foot are in throbbing pain. No fun. And well today, hubby tells me prop your feet up put some ice on your foot and I'll help when I get home. But when he does get out of work it won't be until about 5 then he needs to go to homedepot and pick up some wood and stuff for the house were remodeling, then he plans on going over there. And yet I still need to do laundry which is in the basement, and clean the rest of the house before tomorrow. UGH! Sorry if I'm venting. So thinking I will do bits and pieces sit for about 5-10 minutes in between and do more. Plus kids have a half day of school, which makes things more difficult because they don't see why they need to help with housework, and I'm not bribing and not in the mood to deal with arguments today. YIKES!!! Fun Fun, hopefully even though I hurt my ankle, tomorrow will be fun. Egg Hunt with family and friends plus a barbeque like lunch too. It will be nice to visit. Think I need to bring out my crutches from back in September when the lawnmower ran over my other foot. But if it don't get better soon, thinking I might have a fracture not a break, hoping not though. Normally when I hurt my foot like that, the pain goes away and I can easily walk inside of 30 minutes to 2 hours. Didn't happen this time. Can't catch enough of a break, even my carpel tunnel is acting up in my right wrist this week. So today's focus:

1) Stay focused
2) Don't worry & Don't stress
3) Remember to rest in between doing tasks
4) Finish Laundry, Dishes and all cleaning
5) Make sure everything ready for egg hunt
6) Play with Elizabeth
7) Make sure kids do their homework then kick them outside to play on a beautiful day
8) Strength training with dumbbells avoid anything that involves the left foot
9) Attempt to do 10 minutes at a slow pace 3 times today on my treadmill if I can
10) Me Time
11) Appoint hubby to chores when he gets home
12) Remember to eat healthy and stay on track
13) Consider today a rest day

Happy Friday Spark Friends! Keep Sparking.

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    What a week you've had! I like the R.I.C.E. method too. It helps to rest when you can, ibuprofen for the pain and inflammation, cold compress, and elevate! It seems that you have been pretty busy. I hope that you feel better soon! emoticon
    1703 days ago
    Do you have a compression wrap? When I've sprained my ankle badly (once I had pain & trouble walking on it for 2 weeks), I wrapped it (like this:
    ed-ankle) and used one of those walking poles as a cane for the first few days. It definitely helped, as did applying the RICE method for the first 2 days & then switching out ice for damp heat (use a wet washcloth on skin, then heating pad, then cover with a big towel).

    Sprained ankles suck and mine have a tendency to do so, though usually I can walk it off.

    Just breathe & you'll get through things. Hopefully your kids will realize that if you're hurt, they need to help clean.
    1704 days ago
    I'm sorry you've been having a crummy week emoticon You should defiantly take it easy with your ankle. Try not doing too much!

    I hope you have a great weekend! Have lots of fun at your Easter Hunt emoticon
    1704 days ago
    Good expressive blog - you are a bit down because of all the action going on in your life. You are snacking with hubby - that's Ok - now take a step back and get on your track again. Make sure you are prepared for the snacking with your 'type' of snack available - then relax and have fun with him...Best wishes
    1704 days ago
    you sure have planned a lot for a wicked ankle and knee and a rest day. take it easier if you can. your chores can wait.
    1704 days ago
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